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Royals Rumblings - News for March 16, 2023

Get to know Q.

Spring Training Cactus League Media Day Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Star publishes a series from Lynn Worthy on Matt Quatraro, talking to his former boss, Cam Bonifay.

The characteristics Bonifay recognized — the inquisitive nature, ability to communicate and being a good teammate — made him a strong candidate to join the player development department.

“With his background, his ability, his work ethic, his understanding of the game, the ability to communicate with the players around him and an inquisitive mind as a player, we just felt like they were all good qualities that he possessed,” Bonifay said. “If he started down the road, then (there’s) no telling where it might lead.”

The thing that stood out the most? His ability to connect with people.

Quatraro also cares about people.

He plans to delegate and allow his staff members to run their own departments. “I’ve never been in this seat, so that’s how I envision it because that’s what I’ve seen,” Quatraro said.

“Tito is not a micromanager. Cashy is not a micromanager. That doesn’t mean they’re not involved or not aware. I love the discussions, but I couldn’t go out there and coach the pitchers. I don’t know how to teach infield play as well as José (Alguacil) does.

“I played infield. I played outfield. But these guys have been doing this. The only area that I have any of the expertise in is hitting, but I’ve been out of that for five years. And that changes by the minute. I’ve been loosely involved. These guys are the experts in those areas. So for me to go in the cage and be like, ‘No, you’ve got to do it this way,’ that’s not realistic. But we’re going to have tons of discussions.”

Anne Rogers writes the Royals are pleased with the approach their hitters are taking.

“It starts and ends with our two biggest mantras. Know who you are and know yourself, and swing at the pitches you can hit hard and take the ones you can’t,” Zumwalt said. “If you buy into that approach, you’re going to put yourself in position to at least get in better counts and get better pitches to hit. When we go up there with the mindset, ‘We’re going to swing at anything, put the ball in play,’ I think you have the reverse effect. You strike out more, you make weak contact. You’re 100 percent on defense. Teaching these young hitters how to understand what that guy’s got and where he uses it and know him as well as you know yourself.”

David Lesky looks at bullpen options.

And then there are guys returning from injury. Lovelady and Taylor might be competing for one roster spot and both missed the entire 2022 season. Both pitched a bit in the minors, but Taylor had a back issue and Lovelady was recovering from Tommy John. The whole impetus for me writing this was Lovelady last night against the Reds. I know they aren’t good and they strike out a lot, but he struck out three in his inning of work and looked kind of nasty doing it. It’s easy to forget he had a 27.4 percent strikeout rate and 7.1 percent walk rate in 2021 before getting hurt. Whatever bad blood there appeared to be between him and the coaching staff got fired the day the 2022 season ended. I believe he’s had a fourth option added, at least based on Roster Resource. But even so, while I didn’t have him on my last projection, I’m not sure how you leave him off the roster.

The Royals sent down pitchers Max Castillo and Jackson Kowar, and infielders Samad Taylor.

Kevin O’Brien reacts to the latest roster cuts.

Diamond Sports, which owns Bally Sports Kansas City, files for bankruptcy.

Travis Sawchik talks to a bankruptcy judge about how things will play out for Diamond.

Mike Trout lifts Team USA into the World Baseball Classic quarterfinals.

Team Mexico also moves on with a win over Canada.

Mets pitcher Edwin Diaz injures himself celebrating a win in the World Baseball Classic.

Why the Dominican Republic crashed out early.

WBC teams had to scramble to assemble analytics staffs to prepare players.

TV viewers will now get a peek at what umpires are talking with replay officials about.

Reliever Mark Melancon will miss the beginning of the season with a shoulder injury.

The Brewers have a Keston Hiura dilemma.

Former Chiefs lineman Orlando Brown Jr. is headed to Cincinnati.

15 rules for filling out your March Madness bracket.

TikTok influencers are telling fans to cleanse their guts, but it’s bad information.

Pediatricians are swallowing Lego heads in the name of science.

Hollywood is increasingly using the “tech bro” as villains in movie plots.

Your song of the day is Snow Patrol with Chocolate.