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Please welcome new writer Preston Farr!

The Royals may not be adding talent, but we are!

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Royals may have been pretty dormant this off-season, but we’re still making acquisitions. Please welcome new writer Preston Farr! You may have seen some of his work before at other Royals blogs, I’ll let him elaborate:

I have been a Royals fan all my life. I grew up in Kansas City in the late-90s, and early 2000s so you know how those Royals teams fared. I credit David DeJesus and Zack Greinke for making me fall in love with baseball and the rest is history. I’m a huge stathead, Wins should be an extinct statistic, and the Royals should walk more. Since my childhood, I’ve relocated to the Pacific Northwest but I still maintain my love for Kansas City sports from afar.

I started writing about a year ago for Fansided at Kings of Kauffman and also managed content for a smaller network of writers at Stadium Rant. Recently, I’ve taken a small break from writing to spend extra time with my family. I have two kids. My son was born in 2015 — the same year the Royals broke a 30-year championship drought — and my daughter was born in 2019 — the same year the Chiefs broke a 50-year championship drought. I tend to focus heavily on prospects in the Kansas City farm system and have recently put a lot of that work on my Twitter. I’m excited to share my insight with all of you and talk about Royals baseball.

You can follow Preston on Twitter at @preston_b_farr. Welcome Preston!