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Royals Rumblings - News for March 22, 2023

A chihuahua with mostly-black fur with some white speckles stands in grass, on a leash. The legs of the dog’s human are visible in the background, reclined on a blanket.
Tiny lil baseball dog.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

A movie studio would reject a script where the World Baseball Classic came down to Shohei Ohtani pitching to Mike Trout, but that’s how it happened!

At Inside the Crown, David Lesky does one last roster projection for position players:

I also think, and sorry to say this, there’s a chance Olivares doesn’t make the club. He isn’t having an especially strong spring and he does have an option. If Isbel is in left field on Opening Day and Bradley is in center, you wouldn’t have to pick my jaw up off the floor. I think the idea of an outfield with both Olivares and Melendez isn’t exactly the Royals dream scenario and if they can avoid it, they might. I’m not sold that Bradley is making this team just yet because of the catch-up he has to play, but I’m almost there on putting him on the roster.

Last night’s game against the Cubs was called off in the 7th due to rain, but not before MJ Melendez welcomed himself back into the Royals lineup:

Two critically important Omaha Storm Chasers news hits: this year’s Runza jerseys will feature Frings as the main design element, and Take Meowt to the Ball Game returns on May 6.

The Diamondbacks will be without starting catcher Carson Kelly for a while; he broke his arm by being hit by a pitch.

This love letter to the WBC ran before the final game, but it still bears reading. The next WBC will be in 2026.

Apparently MLB will stream all minor league games on a Bally app?

Former Royals farmhand Anderson Miller, now with the Dodgers, opened up about the lengths he went to to make ends meet before signing with LA:

If you have a French bulldog, congrats on your dog’s new status as the most popular breed in America! Also, if you have a Frenchie, I’ll need to see a photo or two; thank you in advance.

Public school workers in Los Angeles are on strike.

Google is soft-launching Bard, which is supposed to compete with ChatGPT.

Gwyneth Paltrow is on trial for allegedly causing a ski accident and leaving.

Rick Beato made a “what makes this song great?” video about Mr. Brightside! I think a lot of people here will enjoy a lot of videos in this series, where he pulls apart elements of songs instrument by instrument, with a blend of technical discourse and pure love of music.

I love this list of meals to teach a teen to cook to get them started in the kitchen. Today’s OT question: When did you first start cooking, and what was the first thing you were comfortable making?

SOTD: Taylor Swift - Don’t Blame Me