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Royals Rundown: Opening Day is upon us!

Celebrate with our Opening Day Special!

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Jacob Milham brings you a HUGE Opening Day special, getting you ready for the 2023 MLB season. Special guests Jared Perkins (@JaredCP1) of Beyond Baseball, and “The Royals Reporter” Kevin O’Brien (@RoyalReportKev) join to round out the Royals Review Roundtable for the 2023 season. What are their bold predictions and final win predictions ahead of Opening Day?

Plus, Lindsay Crosby (@CrosbyBaseball) of Locked On MLB Prospects (@LockedOnFarm) reviews the Kansas City Royals farm system ahead of the minor league season! How far can Gavin Cross go in 2023? How will the new pitching coaches help the struggling pitching prospects? All that and more on the most in-depth farm system review this year!

Follow the team on Twitter, Jacob Milham at ⁠@JacobMilhamKC⁠, Royals Review at ⁠@royalsreview⁠, and The Royals Rundown at @RoyalRundownPod.

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Beyond Baseball:

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