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Royals Rumblings - News for March 6, 2023

What is the Royals’ magic number for the Cactus League title?

Los Angeles Angels v Kansas City Royals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Hunter Dozier has a new swing, writes Anne Rogers.

“Honestly, from the beginning of 2021 to the end of last season, every day, I felt like I was searching,” Dozier said Saturday. “Trying to find something, trying something new. Always searching for answers. Whereas now, I know what it’s supposed to be, what it’s supposed to look like. Now I’m not looking for answers anymore. I know what it needs to be, I know what it should be. Now, can I translate it over to the game?”

Michael Massey is competing for a second base job with the Royals writes Steve Stockmar of

One of the things serving him best this Spring Training is knowing to not force his body into the starting lineup. And that’s coming from a guy who likes to get around 100 swings a day in the batting cage.

“In the past, I’ve overdone it at times, where I was stupid and young and didn’t listen to my body. I try to not go in with a certain number [of swings] in mind,” he said Friday. “Right now I’m actually taking a pretty good amount just because I feel like I have to fight for that feel.”

Vahe Gregorian writes about the changes pitching coach Brian Sweeney is bringing.

At his locker, Bubic, the promising left-hander who has grappled to find his groove, spoke of the “relaxed vibe” and “really good communication” and “positive feedback” that he feels is allowing pitchers to be themselves.

When I suggested it sounded liberating, he said, “I think you could say it’s liberating” and was optimistic that this method “could be a huge unlock for me and a lot of guys on the staff.”

Jackie Bradley Jr. talked about what he needs to do to make the team.

He was all smiles in the clubhouse Friday morning, talking to his new teammates and settling in to a new clubhouse. The 5-foot-10 center fielder was also seen sporting his new Royals uniform after a fitting by the equipment staff.

“Keeping things simple, focusing on things that I can control, and ultimately competing,” Bradley said. “You’ve got to get the job done.”

David Laurila at Fangraphs talked to Royals prospects Gavin Cross and Cayden Wallace.

Who has more juice in his bat, the first-rounder or the second-rounder?

“I think we’re pretty similar,” said Cross. whom the Royals drafted ninth overall. “He might have had me in [instructional league]. When we were there, he hit a home run at 112 or 113 [mph]. My max is around that bar, 110 or 111. I did hit more home runs in [Low-A] Columbia, but pound for pound, hardest-hit ball, he probably has me.”

Some minor leaguers filled in for the Royals, and Cross smacked a triple.

“I was extremely nervous,” Cross said. “Just trying to enjoy it and soak it all in. It took an inning and a half for my legs to feel like they were there. It was fun.”

The Rockies sign former Royals All-Star Mike Moustakas to a minor league deal.

Detroit signs former Royals reliever Trevor Rosenthal to a minor league deal.

The Rangers sign reliever Will Smith to a one-year deal.

Phillies pitching prospect Andrew Painter is getting tests on his elbow after experiencing tenderness.

Could Cardinals prospect Jordan Walker make the Opening Day roster?

What is the relationship between pitcher tempo and defense?

Mike Clevinger will not face discipline after an investigation of domestic abuse allegations.

Rays broadcaster Dave Wills passes away at age 58.

The Blue Jays will add Jose Bautista to their Level of Excellence.

The impending free agents with a big walk year opportunity.

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