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Royals Review Radio: Sam Mellinger, Promotions Woes, and Jackie Bradley Jr.

More Mellinger, less spring training on today’s episode.

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We have a MASSIVE episode for you today featuring Kansas City Royals VP of Communications Sam Mellinger! Formerly of the Kansas City Star, Mellinger’s first year on the job was the tumultuous 2022 season. What memories or lessons learned did he gather from that season? What is his concession order? What goals does he have in 2023? All that and more in the episode’s second half!

Jacob Milham, Jeremy Greco, and Greg Walker also talk about some Royals with some ramblings! Listen to the guys go through the promotions schedule this season and set their expectations for Jackie Bradley Jr. Plus, what mascot do they assign the Great Britain WBC team? All that and more on today’s episode!

You can follow the team on Twitter with Jeremy Greco at @hokius, Jacob Milham at @JacobMilhamKC, and Greg Walker at @Gregnotcreg.

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