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Royals Rumblings - News for April 25, 2023

No oasis in the desert.

Kansas City Royals v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Luca Evans writes about how Matt Duffy helped Michael Massey try to get through a slump.

“Here” is The Mental Keys to Hitting: A Handbook of Strategies for Performance Enhancement. Written by late baseball mental-health guru Harvey Dorfman and available for about $18 on Amazon, the tome has been embraced by a legion of baseball dads, high school coaches and ... Royals infielder Matt Duffy....

So in the midst of the previous week’s homestand, Duffy brought that same copy to Kauffman Stadium and passed it on to Massey.

“’Hey, I think this would be good for you to read,’” Massey recalled Duffy saying. “Take a look at it. It’s something that’s helped me a lot.”

Last night was not the first time Massey had seen pitcher Tommy Henry, writes Shreyas Laddha.

Henry is set to make his first start of 2023 against the Royals, but Massey is quite familiar with his game — dating back to their college days. After all, the two were Big Ten conference rivals. Massey played for Illinois, while Henry played for Michigan.

“We matched up a couple of times. He’s super good,” Massey said. “Tough arm.”

Massey believes the matchup nowadays might be a little different.

“When I look at myself, I am a completely different hitter than I was in 2019,” Massey said. “So, I think he’s different than he was as a 21-year-old at Michigan.”

David Lesky at Inside the Crown reflects on the poor start.

This season was never about wins and losses, and no matter how much you hate that idea, it’s the reality. This season is about progress for the young players. So far, it’s been a mixed bag. We’ve seen some hitters look solid, some look legitimately good and others look like they might not be worth anything. Though time will tell on that. I jokingly said that the Royals could find success this weekend without winning a single game if they figure out what they have and subsequently don’t have. I wish they weren’t taking me so seriously, but they absolutely need to stay the course.

And I’ll say this again because I think there are some who think I haven’t been hard enough on them. If they are doing everything they can to learn everything they can in 2023, I can accept that. But if they spend their offseason going after the Ryan Yarbroughs and Jordan Lyles of the world again, I will be relentless against them.

Anne Rogers gives a MJ Melendez update.

And a Daniel Lynch update.

In his Missouri Hall of Fame speech, Lorenzo Cain says he’s proud to be a Royal.

Braves pitcher Spencer Strider falls five outs short of a no-hitter.

Justin Verlander could make his Mets debut in May.

Why is the Yankees offense struggling?

The Dodgers promote top hitting prospect Michael Busch.

Rob Manfred thinks the A’s can be more competitive in Las Vegas.

David Cone shows the effects of rosin as a grip for pitchers.

The Cardinals rotation is not going to fix itself.

Fernando Tatis Jr. takes to the outfield.

Does sending players to the WBC screw them up?

A minor league confrontation leads to coaches throwing punches.

The Packers trade Aaron Rodgers to the Jets.

Fifteen players enter the transfer portal from the Colorado football program following the hire of Deion Sanders.

How weed strains get named.

Subway air is not good for you.

Is Harry Potter a better fit for television than film?

Your song of the day is Suede with Animal Nitrate.