Shut-out in the 1st two games results

According to Baseball Reference, 14, now 15, teams have been shut-out in their 1st two games.

Two teams, the 2018 Dodgers (92-71) and 1943 Cardinals (105-49), made it to the World Series, but losing.

Three teams, the 2015 Twins (83-79), the 1980 Braves (81-80), and the 1947 Indians (80-74-3) had above .500 records.

All the others finished below .500 with only the 1968 Dodgers (76-86) winning over 70 games.

The others 2016 Padres (68-94), 2013 Marlins (62-100), 2002 Padres (66-96), 1994 Pirates (53-61), 1977 Mariners (64-98), 1974 Padres (60-102), 1963 Mets (51-111), and 1940 Senators (64-90) brought up the rear. The 94 Pirates were on a pace for a record of 75-87 before the strike ended the season. The Padres have had it happen 3 times, the Senator/Twins franchise have had it happen twice. No other team has had it happen more than once. Hopefully, the Royals will be more like the 2018 Dodgers and 1943 Cardinals.

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