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The schedule gets a bit easier in May

Once Baltimore leaves town the relentless scheduling finally ends

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Back in February I wrote about the April schedule looking tough. As April comes to a close, it is easy to be way down on this team, but the difficulty will be dropping soon, and will likely lead to some more wins. Here is what the May schedule looks like:

Royals May schedule

Team Games against Win pct
Team Games against Win pct
Athletics 3 .207
Brewers 3 .643
Cardinals 2 .345
Nationals 3 .370
Orioles 3 .679
Padres 3 .517
Tigers 3 .370
White Sox 7 .276
Weighted win pct 27 .407

Of the 27 games in May, only 6 are against teams currently over .500, so after the Orioles leave town this week it is going to be a long run against way weaker opponents. The Padres and Cardinals are the exceptions here possibly. No one expects the Padres to remain under .500 with all that talent. The Cardinals starting pitching has some legitimate problems, so they might be worse than expected before the year started, but they are also probably better than the .370 rate they have played at thus far.

Other than that, the A’s and Nationals are probably the two worst teams in baseball. I know many Royals fans want to throw them in the discussion there, but I still would bet that the Royals are better than those two teams at the very least. Detroit and Chicago are struggling, unsurprisingly for the first, and the Royals need to take advantage of their weak division if they want to rack up some wins this year.

Oakland in particular seems like just what the Royals need to get right. They are allowing an eye watering 8.26 runs per game. No other team is even close to that level of pitching futility. Hopefully the bats can feast a bit, build some confidence, and then carry that forward as the season progresses.


Of the 27 Royals games in May, how many will they win?

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    10-14 wins
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    Under 10 wins
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