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Game thread XLVIII - Royals at White Sox

Things have not gone the way Royals fans have hoped

Carlos Hernández throws a pitch Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The White Sox have been decidedly ungood this season, but there’s nothing to right a team better than facing off against the Royals. The White Sox, having won the first two games of this series, now feel this as thoroughly as any Royals fan. Entering this series the White Sox were a mere two games ahead of the Royals for the AL Central basement. They now have a comfortable four-game lead as they head into the series finale.

For their part, the Royals have decided to give Carlos Hernández another start. Hernández had been relegated to bullpen duty full time entering this season, but after injuries and ineffectiveness and a large number of strong outings, he got a chance to start against the Padres in Wednesday’s series finale. He pitched two scoreless innings which means he’s ready to go again today. It is unclear to me how long he’ll be allowed to pitch this time, but considering the dire state of the rotation I imagine they’re going to have to try stretching him out.

The White Sox, on the other hand, will ask veteran Lance Lynn to take the ball for them. The 36-year-old veteran is in his third season with Chicago but has struggled mightily to the tune of a 6.66 ERA. His .360 BABIP and 4.76 FIP suggest he’s had some bad luck, but still hasn’t pitched particularly well. He started against the Royals on May 10 and took the loss while allowing seven runs in only five innings. Kansas City will hope for similar results today.