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Royals Rundown: Good News on the KC Royals Farm!

Let’s look for some good news and the future down on the farm.

Jacob Milham and Royals Review’s resident prospect guy Preston Farr sit down to talk about some of the good news stories in the Kansas City Royals minor leagues! Catcher Carter Jensen is making history by not swinging the bat, but is it sustainable? Plus, who are the two big pitching promotions fans should know? Also, Samad Taylor already made his case to join the major league club. Preston and Jacob talk about where he fits best and the ripple effect his debut will have. All that and more on a prospect-centric and good vibes episode!

You can follow the team on Twitter with Jeremy Greco at ⁠@hokius⁠, Jacob Milham at ⁠@JacobMilhamKC⁠, and the podcast itself at @royalrundownpod.

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