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Royals Rundown: Mike Mayers or Mike Myers, Vinnie’s Glove, and Is Bobby Reaching 30/30?

Bully Jacob below for his Vinnie Pasquantino take.

Jacob Milham, Jeremy Greco, and Greg Walker get together for another good time, all about the Kansas City Royals! Mike Mayers has another strong outing for the Royals in Busch, but is it sustainable? A strong end to May has Bobby Witt Jr. Back on a historic pace. But, how many homers and how many stolen bases does the crew think the phenom will have? If you need more reason to listen, hear why Jacob dares mention Hunter Dozier and Vinnie Pasquantino in the same breath. Tune in for a great episode from your favorite Royals pundits!

You can follow the team on Twitter with Jeremy Greco at @hokius, Jacob Milham at @JacobMilhamKC, and Greg Walker at @Gregnotcreg.