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Royals lose to Orioles again, 6-1

Another poor pitching performance paired with a stunningly lackluster offensive performance leads to the Royals fifth straight defeat.

Brady Singer searches for answers after giving up another home run.
Brady Singer searches for answers after giving up another home run.
Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

I am officially out of ways to describe Royals’ losses. They just don’t do anything right. The season is not yet half over and this team is entering into a tight competition with the mid-aughts Royals for most uninspiring play. Brady Singer, lauded repeatedly by the radio crew as a former first-round pick, couldn’t escape the fifth inning. He gave up four runs, struck out four, and walked three. He also gave up six hits. A two-plus WHIP will not lead to many wins.

Of course, the offense bears it’s share of the blame as well. They mustered only eight hits and three walks all day. Three of those hits and one of those walks belonged to Edward Olivares, the only player who can hold his head high after today’s disaster of a game. Freddy Fermin did drive in Olivares in the fifth inning following his double. At that point it seemed like the Royals might make it a game as the score was only 3-1. However, Singer continued imploding in the bottom of the inning and the offense contributed little else.

This team can’t even lose interesting games. They don’t lose many close matchups but they don’t get blown out enough that it’s entirely safe to turn the game off and walk away, either. At least not as a recap writer. Brady Singer had had a good start his last time out and there was some small hope he’d figured things out. It appears not.

This was the Royals' fifth straight loss. They’ve also lost eight of their last nine, 11 of their last 14, and 15 of their last 19. For the first couple weeks we preached patience - the pitchers were doing well and the hitters were hitting into some bad luck. After the first month we preached denial, the team was awful, but surely they couldn’t be this awful. There would be bright spots ahead this season. There is nothing left to preach except acceptance. These guys are bad. They are bad in all of the worst ways, offering absolutely nothing of entertainment value nor of future hope.

Even Vinnie Pasquantino, who has hit well, went to the IL today because of a recurring shoulder injury. It’s being termed an “unstable shoulder.” I’m no doctor, but that doesn’t sound good. Especially since this is the second time he’s had to go to the IL since the last All-Star Break for the same injury. It’s hard to imagine a bright future for a guy whose lead shoulder can’t offer consistent stability.

The Royals have fallen to 18-46. They will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow. Carlos Hernández will open for the Royals with Mike Mayers acting as the bulk man. The Orioles will counter with their ace, Kyle Gibson. It’s hard to imagine tuning in tomorrow and having a good time.