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Picollo: “We have no intention of trading Salvy.”

The Royals captain is unlikely to be traded.

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Kansas City Royals v Miami Marlins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

After an awful start to begin the year, the Royals will certainly be sellers at the trade deadline, and speculation has already begun on who they might trade. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic wrote a piece last week where he reported that the Royals are already talking to teams about Aroldis Chapman, with the possibility of packaging him with another player to improve the return or shed payroll. One team interpreted that packaged player to be Salvador Perez, which fueled speculation the Royals might look to trade the seven-time All-Star, who is owed $45 million over the next two years.

Royals General Manager J.J. Picollo addressed those trade rumors, as reported by reporter Anne Rogers.

“We have no intention of trading Salvy. It’s not something we’re looking to do. But it doesn’t mean that teams won’t ask about him. I can confirm that report was accurate, a team called and asked about him.”

So we know the Royals have had trade talks, and we know they had a team ask about Salvador Perez. The Rays, Yankees, Astros, Guardians, Marlins, Pirates, Padres, and Giants are among the teams that could use upgrades at the catcher position. While this doesn’t quite sound like Picollo is closing the door 100 percent on the possibility of Perez being traded, it doesn’t sound like there is much chance the former World Series MVP will be moved.

Picollo went on about Salvy’s reaction to the rumors.

“He knows he’s a good player. He knows teams are going to ask about him. I think we all have to keep in mind he’s got full no trade rights. He completely controls the destiny. He’s told us over and over again, he wants to be a Royal his whole career.”

Perez has “10/5 rights”, meaning as a ten-year veteran, the last five with the same club, he has the right to veto any trade. He was close with and has praised White Sox manager Pedro Grifol for his time as a coach in Kansas City, but the Sox have played poorly and are not in a position to be buyers at the deadline.

Salvy did express some frustration after an 0-6 road trip, saying “I don’t know how [my teammates] feel about it, but I’m kind of frustrated, a little bit.” But for the most part, the 12-year veteran has had a positive attitude despite the mounting losses.