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Royals Rundown: Hang the Banner, the Royals Won a Game!

A flurry of transactions overshadow a 1-9 stretch for Kansas City.

Jacob Milham and Jeremy Greco are joined by Royal de Lux Podcast host Michael for today’s entertaining episode! A flurry of transactions in the majors and minors shows the Royals are still evaluating every player. What are the moves, and how does each promotion play into the 2023 season? Plus, Samad Taylor and Maikel Garcia are cooking for the Kansas City Royals. But, why do Jacob and Jeremy not like it? Anime recommendations, debating Nick Pratto’s power, and more on today’s episode!

You can follow the team on Twitter with Jeremy Greco at @hokius, Jacob Milham at @JacobMilhamKC, and Greg Walker at @Gregnotcreg.

Follow Michael on Twitter at @TheMFinKC and the Royal de Lux Podcast at @royaldeluxpod. You can listen to his show on Spotify as well, every Monday and Friday.

Want that pizza Michael was talking about? Check it out here at Minsky’s!