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Royals Rumblings - News for June 20, 2023

Dayton Moore is back in Kansas City....working with his C You In the Major Leagues Foundation!

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SPORTS-BBA-ROYALS-MOORE-KC John Sleezer/The Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Matt Quatraro talked about the blowup in the seventh inning last night.

“I thought Jordan was in control and throwing the ball well,” Royals manager Matt Quatraro said. “We always feel good when Clarke comes in the game. They put some good at-bats together and put a big inning together.”

David Lesky reacted to criticisms of Quatraro.

I can’t say it’s hard to understand why. This team is pacing for one of the worst seasons in big league history and he’s the man in charge. I think I wrote this last week, so my apologies for the repeat if so, but I would like to see him adjust a bit the way he handles the team. I think there’s probably a little too much leniency and that’s maybe led to some of the mental mistakes. So there’s some adjusting to do, but so much of the job does beyond the in-game decisions. In baseball in 2023, the job of a manager is to manage the people and I stand by my belief that they have a good one in that regard. I wouldn’t give Quatraro an A or anything like that, but the issues he’s had can be fixed. What he does well are going to be traits that benefit this team in the future.

Anne Rogers talks to pitcher Alec Marsh, who was recently promoted to Omaha.

This season has been a needed turnaround for Marsh. After the 2020 pandemic season erased his first full pro season, Marsh was hurt in ’21 and still not right in ’22, when he posted a 7.32 ERA in Double-A (a 6.88 ERA overall after two starts in Omaha).

“When you see so much of the same stuff for years over and over, it can beat you down a little bit,” Marsh said. “I had a way better approach this year than I did last year coming back to Double-A, just trying to be present and taking it one day at a time. Last year was a good thing for me, because I learned a lot from it. Knowing I can bounce back from that kind of failure and continue to get better.”

Dayton Moore was back in town for baseball camps for his foundation and talked to Blair Kerkhoff about working with the Rangers.

Moore responded to a question about the balance of traditional scouting and player development with analytics and technology and defended his approach. “I’ve always utilized the numbers,” he said.

“But I always believe, and continue to believe, that leadership is more of a heart thing than anything else. Your mind doesn’t tell you that you need to show grace to somebody ... or you have to be able to encourage somebody or forgive somebody or to love somebody.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter writes that the infield defense has taken a big step forward.

Don Hood, who pitched for the Royals from 1982-83, has died at the age of 73.

Former pitcher and Rockies broadcaster George Frazier also died at age 68.

Joey Votto homers in his first game with the Reds in ten months.

A five-hit night puts Luis Arraez back at .400.

Just 100 games into his career, Corbin Carroll is an MVP candidate.

Rangers infielder Marcus Semien has become the quietest star.

Why fans are not to blame for the A’s moving to Las Vegas.

Who should be picked to participate in the Home Run Derby?

Japan’s uriko beer vendors are a hit at baseball games.

Florida passes a law that exempts minor leaguers from minimum wage laws.

Wake Forest advances to the College World Series semifinals with a win over LSU.

Kansas City golf legend Tom Watson writes a letter to the PGA head questioning their deal with LIV.

Mexico fires national soccer coach Diego Cocca after their 3-0 loss to the U.S.

A search is underway for a missing submersible that brings tourists to the Titanic.

A people’s history of password sharing.

Does a weak box office for The Flash show there is superhero fatigue?

Your song of the day is Notorious B.I.G. with Big Poppa.