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Royals Rundown: Off Field Issues Overshadow Record, Plus What to do with MJ Melendez?

Let’s look away from the on-field product for a while, a la Matt LaMar.

Things are looking rough for the Kansas City Royals on the field. The team continues to lose, after dropping another AL Central series. But, that is not what Jeremy Greco needs to get off his chest. Plus, Jacob Milham has some concerns about outfielder MJ Melendez at the plate. Would sending him to Omaha fix anything though? Also, Greg Walker gets his College World Series prediction in and updates us on some prospects. Tune in for a very controversial episode!

You can follow the team on Twitter with Jeremy Greco at @hokius, Jacob Milham at @JacobMilhamKC, and Greg Walker at @Gregnotcreg.

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