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Royals Rumblings - News for June 6, 2023

What’s up with the Royals’ defense?

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Kansas City Royals William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Vahe Gregorian writes that Brady Singer took a step forward on Sunday.

It also means that the 26-year-old the Royals selected 18th overall in the 2018 draft had fresh reinforcement of what made him seem to find himself last year: how having command enables him to attack and unleash knee-buckling movement with his sinker (50 pitches Sunday) and slider (42) and judicious use of his changeup (three).

“That was something I was doing last year that helped me through a lot of games,” he said.

The trick, of course, is sustaining that.

Anne Rogers writes about Michael Massey’s turnaround in May.

On top of that, he was searching for answers at the plate, and the pressure to perform got to him. He found himself hanging onto the results from the previous day rather than letting go and focusing on the next game.

“If you hang on, it exploits you,” Massey said. “If you can’t let it go, you’re going to hang onto it much longer in the big leagues because it’s harder to get out of it. I couldn’t let it go in April, and that’s where I spiraled. I couldn’t get rid of it. But it was good for me to go through it and develop that skill set of how to go through it.”

Scott Barlow collected his 50th career save on Sunday, writes Jaylon Thompson.

“Scotty is the model of consistency,” Quatraro said. “He gives up a hit or two hits and it’s like nothing happened. He is going to go back at you with his best stuff.”

David Lesky points out the mixed results from the defense this year.

Watching the Royals every day, I think most would agree that the Royals defense is inconsistent at best. I think they’ve figured out a nice infield formula with some combination of Maikel Garcia, Bobby Witt Jr., Michael Massey and Nicky Lopez at second, third and short. And I think first base looks great when Nick Pratto is there and good enough when Vinnie Pasquantino is there. Jackie Bradley Jr. is still a great defender in the outfield. Drew Waters has looked good in his limited time this year and Kyle Isbel was great before the injury. But still, it’s an inconsistent defense.

And if you look at defensive runs saved, they’re not just inconsistent but bad. They rank 28th in baseball with -19 DRS. That’s horrific.

Kevin O’Brien at Royals Reporter wonders if things are turning around for Royals pitchers.

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