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Royals Rumblings - News for June 7, 2023


Close-up of a husky dog with pointy ears up. One half of their face is somewhat obscured by a shadow.
Bark in the Park is BACK in Omaha.
Minda Haas Kuhlmann

The scheduled starter in Omaha last night was lefty Austin Cox, but Cox was replaced by Daniel Mengden shortly before game time. (Also, the Storm Chasers just released a new episode of ‘Chasers Chat’ featuring...Austin Cox!)

Zack Greinke attributed last night’s result more to good hitting and bad luck, as opposed to bad performance, per Jaylon Thompson at the KC Star.

“The sinker was great,” Greinke said. “I would like to give them a lot of credit. I don’t think they chased one slider. ... Then, they swung at pretty much every strike slider.”


Greinke departed having pitched 4 1/3 innings. He allowed four hits and was tagged with five runs, but just one of those was earned. “It’s just kind of bad timing,” Greinke said. “There was a big string of hits at the same time. Really, I don’t think I made a lot of mistakes that inning.

“The first home run was kind of the game plan I wanted to do. It’s throw quality curveballs, and he hit a home run, which was impressive. All the other pitches were corners I think they got hit on. “Just can’t do too much more. It was just unlucky that it was four or five in a row.”

The Blue Jays optioned Alek Manoah to the Florida Complex League following his most recent dreadful start. Poor guy.

A video of the moment top prospect Elly De La Cruz got the call up from Louisville to Cincinnati:

Aaron Judge made a cool play on Saturday, and is paying for it with a trip to the IL.

Jacob deGrom needs surgery to repair an issue with his UCL. The man cannot catch a break, health-wise.

Former MLB pitcher and manager Roger Craig passed away at 93.

Nevada lawmakers did not vote on a public funding bill that the A’s were counting on to build a stadium in Las Vegas.

CBS Miami reporter Samantha Rivera stiff-armed some drunk fans who tried to get into her Stanley Cup standup shot.

PGA Tour golfers reacted to the stunning merger with Saudi-funded LIV tour.

Pete Davidson bought a dog, and PETA called him out on shopping, not adopting. Davidson left a voicemail with someone from PETA defending himself, and why is this happening? Why am I still typing? Please let it stop.

Ask a Manager ran a bunch of stories of times people turned into goblins around free food in the workplace. I need to know what kind of purses the people in the brie- and apricot-related stories were carrying.

A piece of art that I did not commission, yet which seems to have been made with me, specifically, in mind:

Autocorrect on iPhones will no longer suggest “ducking hell.” No one has ever meant to say “ducking hell,” so I’m sure this is a welcome change for iPhone users.

OT fun question: What is the worst thing Autocorrect or voice-to-text has ever done to you?

SOTD: Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad, a classic piece of art