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Games 92 and 93: Rays at Royals

I believe I’m obligated to use the phrase “Let’s Play Two” here

William Davis,William Osborne
The Royals are Arnold in this series, right guys? ... right?
Photo by Paul Harris/Getty Images

With yesterday’s rain out, the Royals got an extra day of “rest”. Also, with the rain out, Max is without power this morning so you get a substitute teacher game thread. Forecast looking good to get in 2 games today with minimal rain chances and a high of 90.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that day-night doubleheaders are not cool at all. I get that the owners lose a gate day if they smush two games into an old school doubleheader where one game starts a half hour after the other. But, c’mon, you get a voucher for another game anyway if you can’t make the makeup so it’s not quite but close enough to a wash.

If you want to read all about doubleheaders, Chris Jaffe at The Hardball Times did a three part series back in 2010 about the history of them:

Also, ESPN has a nice little index of doubleheaders going back to 2002. Using W-Split-L, the Royals have actually been decent at doubleheaders the last couple years even as the team has been bad

2022: 1-3-0

2021: 1-2-0

2020: 0-2-0

2019: 1-1-1

As for today’s festivities, here’s the lineup for game 1:

Below is the Rays lineup for game 1:

Anne Rogers has more about the pitching match up in her story about the rain out:

Right-handed rookie Alec Marsh was scheduled to pitch Friday for the Royals, and he will now start Game 1 of the doubleheader on Saturday. Lefty Cole Ragans will be the 27th man for Saturday’s doubleheader and will start Game 2, making his Royals debut after the club acquired him in the trade that sent Aroldis Chapman to the Rangers.

Marsh vs Glasnow in game 1. Ragans for the Royals in game 2.

Apparently, TBD will be starting for the Rays in game 2. Of course, being the Rays, TBD was probably picked up off the scrap heap from the Tigers, developed a 3rd pitch in their pitching lab, and will finish 5th in AL Cy Young voting this year while making league minimum.

The Rays will start Tyler Glasnow in Saturday’s opener, and while their starter for the nightcap is officially TBD, Cooper Criswell is expected to either start that game or pitch bulk innings as the 27th man. Zach Eflin is now expected to start on Sunday, with Shane McClanahan’s return from the injured list moved to Monday in Arlington and Taj Bradley slated for Tuesday.