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Weekend Rumblings - News for July 15, 2023

Hope everyone is okay from the storms!

Cleveland at Kansas City John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Short Rumblings today, as I just got power back after losing it last evening. Hope everyone is safe from last night’s storms and gets power back soon if not already!

Royals first-round pick Blake Mitchell signed today with a $4.9 million bonus, $1 million under slot.

Josh Staumont will get thoracic outlet syndrome surgery and is out for the year, according to Anne Rogers.

Esteban Rivera at Fangraphs lists Bobby Witt Jr. as a hitter primed for a second half surge.

What I see is a hitter who slightly adjusted the way both his arms are working together. The scientific person may think of this as the relationship between horizontal bat angle (angle relative to front line of home plate), vertical bat angle (vertical angle of bat at contact), and the angle between both arms at contact. A more traditional thought would be for a hitter to cue a different movement with their lead elbow or better engage their top or bottom hand. Simply put, Witt is creating better loft with his bat at the right position in the strike zone to drive meatball fastballs like this one from Reese Olson. If Witt can continue to focus on creating the right angles with his upper body, I’m confident his breakout will come soon.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown writes about what to look for the rest of the way with the Royals.

I’ve said before that you can have success in a season even without a single win. Note that I didn’t say it would be a successful season, but you can find success. Now, I wish that the Royals hadn’t taken that quite so literally, but even if they determine that this player or that player isn’t part of the future, that’s a successful outcome. Knowing what you don’t have, while less satisfying, is as important as knowing what you do have.

The Royals have 11 players who they could potentially lose in the Rule 5 draft this upcoming winter - Christian Chamberlain, Steven Cruz, Jonah DiPoto, Tyler Gentry, Will Klein, Nick Loftin, John McMillon, Logan Porter, John Rave, Evan Sisk, and Anthony Veneziano. I don’t know if they can realistically check out all of them, but they need to try. I’d prioritize Chamberlain, Cruz, DiPoto, Klein, Loftin, McMillon, Rave and Veneziano. I’m still a big fan of Gentry, but I think he’s probably safe given the year he’s had. I don’t think Porter is a likely long-term answer and neither is Sisk, so that’s why I think if they can’t get to them, oh well.

Mason Young of the Star simulated the rest of the Royals season on MLB The Show.

Bo and Josh Naylor become the first brothers to hit multi-run home runs in the same inning.

The Dodgers are eyeing Lucas Giolito.

The Reds are also interested in White Sox pitchers.

The Angels will consider offers for Shohei Ohtani, but a trade is still unlikely.

Braves players love coach Ron Washington.

Disney is open to finding a new strategic partner with ESPN.

Thousands are without power in Kansas City after a severe storm brings high winds.

Actors allege studios are trying to use their image and likeness in perpetuity.

Your song of the day is The Doors with Riders on the Storm.