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Sunday game thread - Cubs at Storm Chasers

Let’s see what’s happening in AAA, shall we?

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Kansas City Royals William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another Sunday and the Royals still haven’t solved any of their off-the-field issues, so the protest continues apace. That said, I think I was at least as bored watching the Rangers/Yankees game last week as any of you were annoyed by the fact that I was covering it. So I decided to try something different. In case you hadn’t heard, MLB.TV was improved this year to include minor league games as well as those in the majors. That used to be a separate purchase. This means that anyone tired of the Royals on- or off-the-field shenanigans and possessing an MLB.TV subscription has a terrific alternative for some baseball.

Unfortunately, since this is the minor leagues, gameday information is far more scarce. I can find absolutely no evidence of a posted starting lineup for either the Storm Chasers or the Iowa Cubs. The Cubs have no starting pitcher listed and the Storm Chasers website still shows Alec Marsh as today’s starter despite the fact that, as of this writing, he’s still on the MLB team and just had a start two days ago. Fortunately, our own Preston Farr has indicated that Jonathan Bowlan will be getting the start in his stead. So at least we know that much.

We may know very little about which players will take the field ahead of time, but the best way to learn more will be to watch the game. The first of a doubleheader today will start at 2 PM CDT, even though this game thread will go live a good hour and a half before that in order to accommodate those of you who still wish to discuss the major league product instead.

Even though they don’t have a lineup, the Storm Chasers did offer a tweet about today’s matchup. They’re running a promotion where you can get a free ticket by donating three canned goods for charity. That seems like an incredible deal and I hope the good people of Omaha take advantage of it as often as it is offered. The best part about this thread going up so early before the game is that if you’re in the area you should still have plenty of time to take advantage!