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Royals Rumblings - News for July 26, 2023

Happy hump day!

Minda Haas Kuhlmann

The Storm Chasers released another Chasers Chat, this one with reliever Will Klein. An important thing about Will Klein is that he has cats:

Sounds like Daniel Lynch IV isn’t coming back as quickly as the team hoped:

Lynch, who has been on the 15-day injured list since July 19 with a left shoulder strain, did not finish the bullpen session he was throwing on Tuesday after he faced a setback and needed to be shut down. He will go for follow-up tests and scans in the coming days, according to manager Matt Quatraro, before the Royals determine the next course of action. It was initially expected that Lynch would miss around two weeks, but that timeline is expected to be extended because of the setback.

After John Sherman’s open letter yesterday, Ray Ratto at Defector (currently running a 1-month trial for $1.08) was critical of the Royals owner, calling the letter “weird and cloying”:

Sherman takes care to invoke the Chiefs, the new terminal at the airport, the expanded streetcar line, the NFL Draft, the World Cup, and the new stadium for the NWSL’s Kansas City Current as perfectly sound reasons for a new baseball stadium, none of which the Royals actually have contributed to or have a stake in. Sherman just wants a new stadium because he wants a new stadium, and he just wants someone else to pay for it because he doesn’t want to pay for it himself. Not defensible, but at least understandable.

But Nancy Howser doesn’t have anything to do with this, and neither do Sherman’s memories of 1985 or even 2015, or the Royals’ place in the universe, or even the Current. Credit to him for gussying up a letter that hides the nut graf until the end, but the nut is still the nut. John Sherman is preparing the touch, and the only thing separating him from, say, the A’s is that he hasn’t gone to the threat stage. But it’s coming. The Royals have their rightful place to defend, after all, and being the American League’s Pittsburgh Pirates comes at a price—a price Shermy is hoping someone else will pay.

Kiké Hernández is going back to the Dodgers, as the Red Sox traded him there for two right-handed relievers.

Kris Bryant is headed back to the IL with a finger fracture.

What an odd error; MLB Trade Rumors forgot to include the Royals in the discussion of where Shohei Ohtani might get traded to.

NFL news: Justin Herbert got a big ole contract from the Chargers, to the tune of five years and $262.5 million.

NBA news: the Celtics extended Jaylen Brown for $304 million over five years.

Bronny James is in stable condition now, but was hospitalized after collapsing with cardiac arrest at basketball practice. Damar Hamlin offered his support, as someone who can understand what’s ahead for Bronny.

There won’t be a UPS strike, as the company and their Teamsters representation reached a deal to give them such fancy perks as not dying in a 120+ degree cargo box, as well as a pay bump that helps dissolve the separation between tiers of employees.

Doja Cat had some choice words for her fans, for some reason.

Kansas City made this list of affordable American vacation destinations.

People who have used Ozempic for weight loss are reporting really scary aftereffects.

Reddit question of the day: What is the dumbest way you’ve gotten a scar?

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