hitting baseballs to rock bottom

I can not do this anytmore. It is difficult as ever to undresstrand what the heck is goin on in this capitalist world where no one cares about winning of baseball and only gives a doodle abuot money. Money is rotting away my life, and it is now rotting away the one thing that I use as an outlet to not real life 0- 0basbeBall.

Once upon a time ago I penned a peice that showered love and intreset on Moustached BeautY Jon Sherboy. I thouht, "hmm Better than glass, no ne ed to break in case of emergencie, he loevs ball, let us just Look and See (but here I am. brain full of holes like a switzerland cheese, rotting in this Naked Corpse, alive BUT NOT ALONE) when I should have used my critical Eye to see Sherboy.


Money is it. ThaT's all Sherb oycares aboiut. getting his pickets bigger, making his fat cat friends whole.

IF i read one more stupid Thing about the new STADIUM from sherboy's Pen I'm going to VOMIT. UNLIKE. EVER. BEFOEr. THe team is Garbage. Hot Garbadge. I cant watch anymoer. HOW IS NEW STADIUM A PRIORITY? WHEN THE TEAM F***UCKING SUCKS!? i can Not watch anymorree. not Because I no longer love Baseeball, it is be because I do not Like being SAd.

Nick Lopez. A man on this team that maed me happy. His smile. His Smiling Grit. I know his number (numbers/stats/fun/hero) was Not so good at the plaet. I dont fgucking care. The team loses ans sucks, who caers if he is havin ga bad year, everyone is havign a bad year. he was aroyal. ... he was valuable in my heart. Now h'es gone for some yahoo that can suck eggs, that thsi dupshit team coulda had for FREE. not a dime. do they know how stupid they look? i'm makin em look like dunces and im the dumbest jerk on thsi site. whatever. i'm full of EMotionj and it's pouring out of my fing tips. Sorry yuo are subject ed to this.

PLEASE give me a Job at Royal Review! I'llll be a good kevin/ send DMS


I do not have hope for this team. I do not have hope for PicLOLo. he seems bad at his job. When i was bad at my job i got fired and toeld to never come back. THAT is waht Sherboy and his GOONS should do, but they are spineles and only proped up by american CURRENCY and REAL ESTATe/..

mid season awards: (royals only)

best thrower: baby greinke (rizzed up0)

best guy to let go of: hunted Doxxer

friendliest manager: umm Ned Yosted

if sherbOy wants his stupid little diamond for his stupid Big ego, he can tlak to the residents of KANSAS'S CITY. they will give him a Big middel finger. it is time to show these Fat Cats who the DOGS are (voters) These FAT CAT GOONS think they can make a team suck ansd still get their fancy lil enterteinmint distrcit that will line their GoSh Damn piockets for the rest of their lives... then they're kids lives... and they get our Money TWICE. ONCE AT THE GATE, ONCE AT THE BAR, ONCE AT THE RESTAURANT, PARKING, APARTMENT, THEY WANT to OWN us. WE OWN them!!!!! WE ARE THE FANS!!!

thinking about the next game is hard when the tears of yesterday are salted..... liek a pretzel.,..... at the Coughman Stadium concession.

eloquence is not my forte. but here are some real game changers to look out for in 2024 for the royAls:

- fuckin no one, the minor leagues are devoid of talent

- no one is improving

- my morale is plummeting

- maeybe the royalos got rid of Nicky becaues he was High Morale; don't need that as the beatingS contienue.

- Bob Witt Jr. will bea breakeout candidate

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