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Another night, another L, but always blue

Daniel Lynch was pretty good, the offense was not

Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Aaron Civale breezed through the first three innings against the Royals. One-two-three on 11 pitches in all three frames, Civale looked like he had the cruise control on. The bats for KC finally started making him earn it in the fourth, though he worked around the Bobby Witt hustle double, it did take him 22 pitches. Unfortunately, that inning was probably the best of the evening for an ineffectual Royals offense. Since the Dodgers series, the Royals have lost five in a row scoring just 1.6 runs per game. Seven of the eight runs in that stretch were in the first two games.

Three baserunners was not enough to support Daniel Lynch. The big lefty had a decent game. After an odd first inning that he escaped after giving up only one run, he was good minus one fastball that Josh Bell took out of the yard.

Lynch managed a quality start going 6 innings with 3 earned on 6 hits and 1 walk. On most nights you would take that from a starter, though more than 3 strikeouts would be nice to see. That is the one thing Lynch has been missing over his last four solid starts. He has only struck out 2, 2, 4, and now 3 for a 4.1 K/9.

The Royals fall to 25-64 with just two more games against Cleveland before the All-Star break. The A’s are down right now, but if they win somehow tonight, the Royals will have the worst record in the majors.

I honestly wish I could tell you more about this game, but the offense did basically nothing. There were a couple of decent fielding plays, and then it was over all in less than two hours. Maikel Garcia did sum up the Royals season at least:

This season might be getting to me.