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Royals Rumblings - News for August 29, 2023

A star is born.

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Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated writes about the ascending stardom of Bobby Witt Jr.

Even among this unprecedented wave of dynamic players, Witt stands out. He is one of only two players in baseball who rank in the 90th percentile in max exit velocity, outs above average and sprint speed—the elite of the elite when it comes to the trinity of hitting, fielding and running. The other is the Mariners’ Rodríguez, who is more of a statistical doppelgänger of Witt than you might think (more below).

But let’s not limit the appreciation of Witt to this season. He is off to a historic start when it comes to combining power and speed. Through 279 career games, Witt has 46 home runs and 68 stolen bases. Only four other players reached those thresholds at the same point: Bobby and Barry Bonds, Davis and Trout.

Anne Rogers reports that Brady Singer will have his start pushed back to Friday after a velocity drop.

Officials believe the fatigue is a result of it being late in the year and the 27-year-old nearing a career-high in innings — he’s thrown 143 1/3 innings after his start Friday, just 10 shy of his career high of 153 1/3, set last year.

“[The scans] all came back very positive, so a little bit of a collective sigh of relief,” general manager J.J. Picollo said Monday at Kauffman Stadium. “The plan right now is, we’re going to skip this start, he won’t go on the [injured list], and hopefully we can line him up on the backend of the rotation next time around. We’re breathing a little bit easier on that MRI.”

David Lesky at Inside the Crown writes a bit about the Royals possibly making moves this winter.

When they go to make these trades, I hope they’re always asking for that one additional piece. For example, if the White Sox make a push for Salvador Perez, that’s great. Go get Nick Nastrini and Cristian Mena or whoever, but also figure out a way to get Gregory Santos in the deal. If it means paying $5 million more on Salvy’s deal, do it. If they move a guy like Brady Singer to the Reds, as was discussed at the deadline, target Chase Petty or Rece Hinds, but get Ian Gibault back. It’s not easy, but that’s a quick way to add some additional talent to the 2024 roster.

Jackson County executives spoke up about the Royals’ stadium plans.

“The legislature’s not holding up anything to do with the Royals,” Chair Shawn Foster said. “The county executive’s not holding up anything to do with the Royals.”

Foster said his group needs a lot more information from the Chiefs and the Royals to move forward and redo the teams’ leases.

“In order to put anything on the ballot, I think we have to have executed releases or executed leases from both the Chiefs and the Royals,” Foster continued.

“To put it on the ballot without executed leases would put the county in a very bad position, so that’s kind of our stance as we stand right now.”

Pete Grathoff writes that Bobby Witt Jr. has a special message on the inside of his helmet.

Houston’s Jose Altuve hits for the cycle against Boston.

Jorge Soler is interested in a contract extension with the Marlins.

Is the “bulk guy” method working in San Francisco?

Kiley McDaniel ranks prospects who could be up soon and challenge for Rookie of the Year next year.

Sam Blum of The Athletic writes about signature umpire strike out calls.

Travis Sawchik takes a look behind a typical baseball TV broadcast.

One of the bigger non-profits that works concessions at Petco Park doesn’t exist.

Former MLB manager Pat Corrales dies at age 82.

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports is getting ready to sell its regional sports networks.

Chess grandmaster Hans Niemann is cleared of cheating allegations.

Why is America so good at airplane safety but not car safety?

What adults forget about friendship.

G-rated films are becoming extinct.

Your song of the day is Ice Cube with Check Yo Self.