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Royals Rumblings - News for August 30, 2023

Heads up for those living in the KC area: this weekend there will be a charity baseball game that aims to break the world record for longest ballgame. The logistics behind it are fascinating!

While unlimited substitutions from that 30-player squad are allowed, the players themselves can’t leave the field of play. That means no trips to the parking lot for food, no stops at home for a change of clothing or grabbing a quick nap.

Weaver then reached out to RV companies that have donated campers that will be lined up around the field, giving players not currently in the lineup a place to grab a few hours of shuteye. Friends, family and other members of the community will make food runs and laundry drop-offs when necessary. It won’t be comfortable living, but at least this group of mostly middle aged-and-up ballplayers won’t have to stay awake for four consecutive days and eat only energy bars the entire time.

“We’ll need ice, we’ll need water,” Reinardy said. “There’s always one more thing that you go, ‘OK, do we have this?’ We’re talking about laundry; do we have somebody running to do laundry for us or are we just going to smell really bad after four days, which certainly could happen. I mean, you take that old guy smell and times that by sixty, it’s gonna get a little nasty. I can guarantee it’s not going to be a pleasant dugout by day four.”

Nick Pratto should be heading back out on rehab soon, reports Anne Rogers:

1B Nick Pratto (left groin strain) ramps back up to baseball activity, close to rehab assignment The minor setback Pratto experienced in his recovery from a groin strain and left hip impingement turned out to be just that — minor. He’s been on the IL since July 27, but was returned from his rehab assignment this past Friday to be reevaluated. The first baseman felt better Monday and will have a full day of baseball activity on Monday, per manager Matt Quatraro. The Royals expect Pratto to go on another rehab assignment by the end of this week.

Jeff Passan reports that the Angels have placed Lucas Giolito, relievers Matt Moore and Reynaldo López, and outfielders Hunter Renfroe and Randal Grichuk on waivers. Do you think the Royals make any claims here?

The latest on injured Mets closer Edwin Díaz.

Yu Darvish is headed for the injured list with inflammation in his pitching elbow.

A day after putting Matt Chapman on the IL, the Blue Jays have to do the same with Bo Bichette.

The Yankees released Josh Donaldson.

The gun injuries that happened during the White Sox game the other night came from shots fired inside the ballpark. This is all very strange. (We are not going to use the particular gun-smuggling method as an excuse to fat shame today! Be better than that, thanks in advance!)

Today is Volleyball Day in Nebraska! Lincoln might be home to the new largest crowd to watch a women’s sporting event in American history.

My gut reaction to this list of money-making avenues for kids is: ick. No. Let them be kids. Am I off base?

Speaking of off base, this Ask a Manager letter writer has a coworker who brought seven “plus ones” to a work event.

In “news EVERYONE outside of the Netflix boardroom saw coming:” 200,000 users abandon Netflix after crackdown backfires. Just let me rewatch Bridgerton one or two more times and then I’ll be the 200,001st.

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