Let us rethink this new stadium

The Royals owner is in a hurry to move the Royals. Yet I do not believe he is giving thought to the circumstances

that encompass that move. So let me post some realities here

1. I am 67. I remember going to Municipal Stadium. I went with my parents to see the As and later the Royals

And The Chiefs. To get there we drove and parked in one of the neighbors yards or we rode the Bus. The

parking was sketchy. Security was non existent . The bus ride was a 2 hr affair going and 2hr getting home.

Kansas City fans looked around at other cities and were eager to Tail gate. And Kansas City became one of the best.

2. Baseball has been losing fans for the last 20 years. The younger generation has migrated to NFL and NBA and MLS.

MLB has changed rules trying to get the younger fans to become more exciting. They believe by adding pitching clocks and technology this will bring in the young fans.

But the reality is baseball is still the darling of the Baby Boomers. And the boomers are reaching the twilight.

A downtown stadium without parking requires one major thing that is not being discussed. Mass Transit.

I just took my 93 year old father to a game at Kauffman. It was very easy. We drove up to a disabled parking spot.

We got his scooter out and we were able to get in and out of the stadium very easy.

That could not have happened riding on a bus!

And considering the age the Majority of Royals fans this presents a huge problem.

i Lived in San Diego for a while. Petco Park was built down town. It’s a great park but No Parking . We usually parked at least a mile away and walked . But as I aged it became to hard to go. I fear this will happen in KC.

Royals Stadium is considered one of the best in baseball. It was Modeled after Dodger Stadium. And Anaheim Stadium.

Plenty of parking and easy access.

Residents of KC let’s think this over . Please Mr Sherman think this over. We can build a baseball district adjacent to Royals Stadium.

if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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