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Royals Rumblings - News for August 4, 2023

No team is hotter than the Royals right now.

MLB: New York Mets at Kansas City Royals Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Brady Singer has another excellent start in the win over the Mets on Thursday and Mason Young has the details.

That third pitch, the changeup, continues to improve each time Singer takes the mound. He threw nine (9%) Thursday, producing two swings that resulted in groundouts.

“That’s not bad because that’s almost 10% of his pitches and that’s creeping up,” Quatraro said. “The last two games have been around that mark. So that’s really encouraging, actually. ... Especially (against) a team like that, that has some good left handed hitters in it. “He’s getting more comfortable with it.”

Anne Rogers notes the improvement in starting pitching lately.

The Royals’ first-pitch strike percentage has been much better over the last month, sitting at 64.5% in the month of July. And since the All-Star break, Royals starters had a 5.4% walk rate entering Thursday.

“A rising tide raises all ships,” Sweeney said. “Once you see a guy perform, the next guy kind of steps up with that. We’re seeing that now in the second half.”

She also writes that Salvador Perez was glad to stay in Kansas City.

“I believe in God, so if he wants me to stay here, I’ll stay here,” Perez said Wednesday. “If something were to happen yesterday, I’d leave. I’ve said this before: It’s a business. I love Kansas City. I love the fans here. But I understand the business.

“But thank God I stayed.”

Jaylon Thompson writes that this week’s trades will open up opportunities for young players.

There is value in acquiring potential, and the Royals are searching high and low for it. It’s no secret their 2023 campaign is a “season of evaluation.” The Royals are giving out playing time to those who seek, and earn, it.

“No one is guaranteed to have any opportunity,” Royals manager Matt Quatraro said. “For the guys that are getting them here, that’s what they are here to do. It’s to seize that moment.”

Angel Zerpa was back in the big leagues after missing nearly a year with a knee injury.

He said through an interpreter it was tricky managing the knee and shoulder injuries back to back, but the organization supported him through rehab and he’s feeling good.

Zerpa also noted that while his routine might be slightly different as a reliever, his mentality on the mound doesn’t change when he comes out of the bullpen as opposed to starting. He has mostly been a starter in the minor leagues.

“When I go to the mound, I go to attack, and that’s it,” Zerpa said.

David Lesky at Inside the Crown reviews Cole Ragans’ terrific start against the Mets with a new slider.

Give the player credit for making a change, first and foremost. But can you imagine this happening with the Royals last year? They acquired a player who had a pitch that wasn’t quite working. And instead of doing something asinine like making him throw it more to get comfortable with it, the development staff worked with him to change it. A cutter and a slider are similar enough in shape that it’s often something you can do pretty quickly. It doesn’t always work, so that’s why credit goes to Ragans above all, but that’s pretty cool that they have a group capable of helping a pitcher make that change.

Bobby Witt Jr. and Ryan Yarbrough are named Royals Player and Pitcher of the Month for July.

Max Scherzer strikes out nine in his Rangers debut.

Shohei Ohtani leaves his start after four innings with hand cramps.

Dallas Keuchel is back in the big leagues, now with the Twins.

Eric Longenhagen at Fangraphs ranks the prospects dealt at the deadline.

Which contenders needed to do more at the deadline?

Tigers pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez explains why he vetoed a trade to the Dodgers.

Trey Mancini clears waivers after being released by the Cubs in the first year of a two-year, $14 million deal.

The deadline showed teams may not be willing to spend for a Wild Card spot.

The Twins embarrassed their fans by staying put at the deadline.

Mets owner Steve Cohen addressed the future of his club after trading away some vets.

Promoting recycling may have crowded out messages of more sustainable ways to manage waste.

Scientists may or may not have made a huge breakthrough with a room-temperature superconductor.

How a solar contractor from San Diego became the unexpected star of the comedy Jury Duty.

Your song of the day is Passion Pit with Carried Away.