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Royals Rumblings - News for September 30, 2023


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MLB: SEP 18 Guardians at Royals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jaylon Thompson writes about Bobby Witt Jr. reaching the 30/30 mark.

Witt is the fifth shortstop to produce such historic numbers, following Barry Larkin, Alex Rodriguez, Jimmy Rollins and Hanley Ramirez. “You’d think that was Game 7 of the World Series,” Royals manager Matt Quatraro said of the celebration that ensued after Witt hit home run No. 30.

“People are just so happy for him. “Everybody has been anticipating it and waiting for it. It was very cool.”

Anne Rogers has more.

“I’ve never seen anybody like him,” said Royals captain Salvador Perez, a former World Series MVP who is the sole remaining member of the last Kansas City core. “Thirteen years in Kansas City. No one like him. And I was around good players. [Eric] Hosmer. [Mike] Moustakas. Alcides Escobar. But to do what Bobby does — hit, throw, steal bases, the way he plays. Seriously. He is the best I have ever seen here.

“And I thank God that I am here to see it, to enjoy the moment, and to be around him. I can tell my kids in 20 years that I played with Bobby Witt Jr.”

Matt Quatraro was glad to jump on Yankees starter Carlos Rodón early.

“You could see (Yankees starting pitcher Carlos) Rodon: He was working hard right from the get-go,” Royals manager Matt Quatraro said. “Salvy squares that ball up and you are kind of off and running.”

Anne has an injury update on Brad Keller, who is weighing surgery.

Keller met with a specialist and was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, and that specialist recommended the typical surgery for TOS. But as of the final weekend of the regular season, Keller is still weighing his options ahead of the offseason.

Keller spent most of the season on the IL because of shoulder injuries, but when he returned to the big league club in September, he could not shake TOS symptoms that appeared during his original rehab. Keller pushed to return so he could put together a few healthy outings ahead of becoming a free agent, but he walked five in two innings.

David Lesky of Inside the Crown considers the state of the pitching staff.

But I also appreciate that it doesn’t appear the Royals will be content to look internally for additional pitching. There have been multiple comments over the last few weeks that lead me to believe that, both public and private. I’m going to have something after the season on the success of the free agent pitching market over the last few years, but I wonder a little if they’re looking for guys like Ragans for 2024. Is there a pitcher who can contribute right away who they think is just a tweak or two away? That’s also something I’ll dig into over the next few weeks, but I’m looking at the pitchers available on the free agent market and thinking there may be a different and better avenue.

Jacob Milham at Kings of Kauffman writes about the ugly truths Royals fans don’t want to hear.

The Royals are reportedly in on signing a 16-year old Cuban shortstop ranked as the 16th-best international prospect.

The San Francisco Giants fire manager Gabe Kapler.

MLB enjoys its highest attendance since 2017.

This could be the last weekend in the legendary careers of Zack Greinke, Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto, and Adam Wainwright.

The Orioles have a tentative deal to stay at Camden Yards for another 30 years.

The Athletic details how the Angels have operated on the cheap.

Why are teams being more aggressive in promoting prospects?

The rate of errors hits a record low in MLB.

Shohei Ohtani had the most popular MLB jersey this year.

A lot of prospects have inflated their height and weight.

Miguel Cabrera is hired by the Tigers to serve in the front office.

Rob Manfred says eliminating TV blackouts is his first objective.

A minor league team honors the “worst baseball player ever.”

The NFL raises penalties for players gambling on their own team.

The streaming wars are turning to sports.

Nightlife cover charges can be arbitrary and humiliating—yet people still accept them.

Kevin James is a meme now, which is a reminder that King of Queens was a solid show.

Star Wars seems fixated on fixing its sequel trilogy.

Your song of the day is The Band with The Weight.