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Royals Rumblings - News for January 22, 2024

Is Jordan Lyles really going to be in this rotation?

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New York Yankees v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The writers at list a potential upgrade for each team before camp.

Royals: Add another bat

The Royals have made several moves to upgrade their pitching staff, and they added to their offense by signing outfielder Hunter Renfroe this offseason. They have young players set at most positions, but competition isn’t a bad thing. Adding another bat to further upgrade the offense, whether it be a bench infielder or outfielder or someone who can play several positions, would give manager Matt Quatraro more options as the Royals try to find the best lineup and defense to run out there in 2024. — Anne Rogers

Jared Perkins at Farm to Fountain writes about the chances of Jordan Lyles improving in 2024.

There were some positive signs for Lyles in the underlying data as, according to Baseball Savant, he was in the 88th percentile in fastball extension, 82nd percentile in BB%, and 75th percentile in HardHit%. On top of that, he had an xERA (expected ERA) of 4.93. While not great, as it’s in the 22nd percentile, it is still much better than his surface level 6.28 ERA.

Despite those signs of positivity, Lyles still ranked in the 9th percentile in Whiff%, 9th percentile in K%, 44th percentile in Chase%, 12th percentile in fastball velo, and 20th percentile in Barrel%. It is easy to say that for $8.5 million, Lyles wasn’t fooling any big-league hitters out on the mound.

Mike Hendricks writes about the lingering issues that are causing Frank White’s veto of the stadium issue to be sustained by the Jackson County Legislature.

Where will the Royals build their new downtown ballpark — the East Village, or where the former Kansas City Star printing plant sits empty in the Crossroads? And if it’s the Star site, how might the Royals assemble enough land to make it work, as the Star property alone is not big enough for a ballpark? The team hasn’t said. A top source in city government said the city has agreed to help with condemnation on both sites, forcing property owners to sell.

What are the Chiefs’ plans for renovations at Arrowhead Stadium? All we’ve heard are vague generalities.

And how much would each team contribute financially to the projects? They haven’t announced any dollar figures.

Absent those answers and several other commitments from the teams, Smith and three of his colleagues on the nine-member County Legislature have said they would not be comfortable asking voters to pay for the stadiums.

The Royals released their own campaign video for the measure.

Mike Gillespie at Kings of Kauffman profiles rising prospect Mason Barnett.

The White Sox sign reliever John Brebbia to a one-year, $5.5 million deal.

Eloy Jimenez is not drawing much interest on the trade market.

A lower arm angle does not spell doom for a pitcher.

Former All-Star reliever Ken Giles is holding a showcase for teams.

The players with the most to prove in 2024.

The A’s are considering Salt Lake City has a temporary home.

Forty-seven year old reliever Fernando Rodney is still trying to get back to the big leagues.

There are rumors Japanese star Roki Sasaki could join MLB next off-season.

The Red Sox hire Driveline Baseball founder Kyle Boddy.

All the reasons why the iconic publication Sports Illustrated fell.

The Air Jordan bubble is bursting.

Pitchfork magazine will be absorbed into GQ.

How Haribo gummy bears are made.

Your song of the day is Joe Walsh with Life of Illusion.