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Royals Rumblings - News for January 24, 2024

Welcome to another Wednesday

Anne Rogers answered questions about Maikel Garcia, including whether the Royals could make an upgrade at third base:

Garcia plays great defense and he fits the Royals’ offensive style. But he doesn’t profile as a true third baseman from a power perspective. In fact, there was a lot to be desired from him in that department; despite hitting the ball hard, Garcia doesn’t get it in the air much, and his leaner frame doesn’t project much power.

The Royals got their heavy lifting done this offseason before Christmas and checked all their boxes with free agent signings, especially in the pitching department. Offensively, they added Hampson as a utility man and outfielder Hunter Renfroe to lengthen the lineup. The indication is that the team is pretty much done with the big additions.

But there are still plenty of unsigned free agents, and the longer they wait to sign, the more likely it is the Royals could swoop in and bring in another bat.

There is no question Garcia is a part of the Royals’ core. But given his versatility, third base is an area where the Royals could easily open up and upgrade.

Congratulations to Overland Park on being chosen as the home of the College Baseball Hall of Fame.

The Royals reached 2024 agreements with a handful of players:

Old friend Christian Colón will be the new manager for the Double-A Arkansas Travelers (SEA).

Even older friend Carlos Beltrán gained ground in this year’s Hall of Fame voting, landing on 57.1% of ballots.

The Brewers landed first baseman Rhys Hoskins for 2 years and $34 million.

Outfielder Joey Gallo is headed to the Nationals on a one-year deal for $5 million.

The Angels signed Miguel Sanó to a minors deal.

Checking in on the trade market for Dylan Cease.

It’s official: the last vest-style uniform top in MLB is dead. RIP vests.

The NBA suspended Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson 25 games for PEDs.

The Raiders hired Tom Telesco as their new GM.

WWE is moving Raw off of TV and onto Netflix in 2025.

The Pro Volleyball Federation’s first-ever match is tonight! In Omaha!

I haven’t watched the video at the link yet, but here is a case for watching a 2-hour takedown of the recent Lion King remake.

Tomorrow is an opportunity to load up your e-reader with cozy mysteries, for free!

The FTC has issued a cease-and-desist to Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, for the company’s continual deceptive advertising describing its product as “free.”

This week’s random deal that parents and/or educators may be able to use is this giant box of sidewalk chalk on sale for under 10 bucks.

Two OT questions I borrowed from Reddit: What are some examples of people causing harm under the guise of “doing good”? and more darkly with What is a ticking timebomb that people should be worried about but aren’t aware of?

SOTD: in honor of my late dad, whose birthday was yesterday. Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son