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Royals Rumblings - News for January 31, 2024

Have you changed your furnace filter lately?

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Anne Rogers reported on the signing of OF/2B Adam Frazier:

“I know it didn’t look right in the wins and loss columns last year for the Royals, but they really are a hard-nosed team and a tough team to compete against,” Frazier said. “You see the young talent that’s on this team and how tough they are to play against, it’s something I was interested in joining — to go with the opportunity to be able to play a lot of second base, some corner outfield. With the offseason signings they’ve already had, I think this team is in a great position to compete. That was something I wanted to be a part of.”

The Royals traded second baseman and outfielder Samad Taylor to the Mariners for cash considerations or a player to be named in order to free up a spot on the 40-man roster for Frazier. Picollo mentioned that the club wanted to protect its pitching when considering what player to move, and Frazier’s acquisition gave Kansas City added depth in Taylor’s position.


“Having five guys who are left-handed was important to us,” Picollo said. “So there’s a way to make this all work. The season’s going to bring a lot of bumps in the road, and the big one that I think about is injury. You lose somebody for a month, that month may be the difference of you getting in the playoffs or not. We were short left-handed, and having the ability to put the lineups out night in and night out that match up well, we needed another left-handed bat. Again, the versatility was important in this case.”

JJ Picollo was on 810 WHB and noted that the Royals pursued Adam Frazier for a number of months, that Frazier is open to playing multiple positions, and that Frazier has “always played the game the right way.”

Three old friend notes: the Marlins are reportedly interested in Adalberto Mondesi; Amir Garrett is listed as an honorable mention among the top unsigned lefty relievers; the Diamondbacks designated Colin Snider for assignment.

The Angelos family will sell the Baltimore Orioles, as well as the team’s share in MASN, for $1.725 Billion.

It turns out that Corey Seager played his way into a World Series MVP trophy while dealing with a sports hernia. He had surgery on it recently but should be back with the Rangers in time for Opening Day.

At FanGraphs, a look at Toronto’s $13 million gamble that 39-year-old Justin Turner still has it.

[Content note: domestic violence] Amy Kaufman appeared on A Pod of Their Own to talk about experiencing intimate partner violence, and how Major League Baseball can do better. Kaufman was married to a national baseball writer who turned out to be an abuser. You can read more about her experience here.

The Chiefs O-line showed up to support Jayhawks basketball:

An upset Ravens fan accosted the ‘NFL on CBS’ crew on a train.

Some storage and organization ideas using Dollar Tree items.

Whoever runs the Twitter account for Elmo probably regrets asking the simple question: “Elmo is just checking in! How is everybody doing?” because thousands of people responded with trauma dumps.

Seven home improvements you may regret.

Everyone has to see a great movie for the first time sometime, and Athena Scalzi recently saw Fellowship of the Ring for the first time.

Some newer-construction homes endorsed by Mike Holmes are already being demolished due to shoddy construction. (Link is to a video story, sorry)

How to figure out how much money is “enough” for happiness in your life. That might be today’s OT question: if you’ve reached a place of financial comfort, what small life change made you realize that you were there? Or if you haven’t, what are you looking forward to? Not boats or houses, but just small comforts that you don’t/won’t have to worry about?

Lastly, I’m going to repeat my question from the subheader above: have you changed your furnace filter lately? I nag because I care. It’s such a low-effort way to prevent your furnace from crapping out. Fellow renters, consult your lease as to whether you or your landlord is responsible for this. Pass my nagging on to them if they haven’t done it in a while!

SOTD: Concerning Hobbits