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Does Dan Quisenberry belong in the Hall of Fame? An investigation.

Spoiler alert: Yep, he should be in Cooperstown.

Hall of Fame picks, predictions, and problems

Making picks and predictions for the 2023 Hall of Fame class while looking at some problems about the whole process.

15 books for baseball fans—and some for other sports fans, too

Going through 15 of my favorite baseball books; plus, a list of some other great sports books.

The Royals are something worse than bad—they’re boring

In the two-and-a-half months since their season ended, the Royals have done little with their roster.

Who owns the best pitching season in Royals history?

Determining the finest season by a pitcher in Kansas City Royals history.

“I’m always going to bet on myself,” a chat with Royals prospect Austin Charles

Charles, selected in the 20th Round, talks about getting drafted, signing with the Royals, his goals, and an upcoming trip to Kansas City.

2022 Season in Review: Ryan O’Hearn

His watch has (probably) ended.

Long season, short playoffs: does MLB have the best, or worst, playoff system?

Comparing the MLB playoff system to that of the NFL, NBA, and NHL.

2022 Season in Review: Scott Barlow

Scott Barlow? More like Scott BarHIGH, am I right?

When the Royals next make the playoffs, be there

It only happens every so often.