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Detroit Tigers Series Preview: The battle for AL Central fourth place should be the talk of baseball

Come on, it’s not like any other big stories are out there.

Seattle Mariners Series Preview: Their drought is *almost* over

The clinch should come sometime next week for the team with the longest drought in North American sports.

Lesky’s Notes: Let’s see if a change does the Royals good

It was certainly time, but now we’ll see how different they really are.

Minneosta Twins Series Preview: Finally the last series between these two

The Twins are on life support. Can the Royals nurse them back to health?

Boston Red Sox Series Preview: Oof that’s a disappointing season in Boston

A year after coming two games away from the World Series, the Red Sox look poised to be a last-place team.

Lesky’s Notes: Less than three weeks to go

The season is limping to a close.

Minnesota Twins Series Preview: Boy are they happy to see the Royals

The division was once theirs to lose. They’ve lost it. Can games against the Royals help them get it back?

Detroit Tigers Series Preview: Yep, it’s them again

It’s nice when the Royals face a team they should beat, but three more against the Tigers just feels a little too soon.

Lesky’s Notes: Baseball is about to be pushed aside

Football is king in Kansas City, so the Royals are not front page news, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still here!

Cleveland Guardians Series Preview: The Royals are now right in the thick of a pennant race...sort of

If you can’t win the division, at least you can make a difference in who does.