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Detroit Tigers Series Preview: Disappointing, meet disappointinger

The Tigers had even higher hopes than the Royals this season, but the basement buddies remain together in 2022.

Lesky’s Notes: The draft is only about two weeks away

Some thoughts on the talent in the draft, the Royals clubhouse, the fit of the position players and a plea to give Sherman some time.

Texas Rangers Series Preview: They’re getting there

The Rangers went about jumpstarting their rebuild by spending a lot of money, and it looks like it might be starting to work.

Oakland A’s Series Preview: Let’s do it again

The Royals have won a few games recently. The A’s...have not.

Lesky’s Notes: An actual winning road trip? Now I’ve seen everything

The Royals are playing better baseball lately. Probably because they’ve been playing bad teams. But hey, we’ll take it.

Los Angeles Angels Series Preview: How to lose a playoff spot in 30 days

The Angels went from 10 games over .500 to three games under .500 in less than a month. That’s 2021 Royals-esque.

Oakland A’s Series Preview: They’ve torn it down and their record shows it

They are in full rebuild mode and likely only going to get worse once they sell off the rest of their good players.

Lesky’s Notes: A rare evening out

Things haven’t been as bad for the last few days, and that’s nice.

San Francisco Giants Series Preview: This World Series rematch isn’t especially intriguing

The Giants have remade themselves into a beast after a few lean years following their dynasty.

Lesky’s Notes: Is action on the way?

They’ve won a couple, which is nice, but the problems still exist.