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Lesky’s Notes: Top prospects and free agents are almost like baseball news

The Royals will have their pick of some decent options once they’re allowed to sign guys. Plus, some prospect lists!

Lesky’s Notes: Spring training is around the corner...maybe

Pitchers and catchers may not report on time, but they’ll surely report eventually.

Lesky’s Notes: New year, same lockout

But on the bright side, it does seem contentious.

Lesky’s Notes: Time for some Royals resolutions

Let’s just hope these aren’t broken by mid-February.

Lesky’s Notes: It’s never too early to think about the lineup

With nothing happening in baseball, why not think about how they’ll lineup in mid-June?

Lesky’s Notes: There have been CBA negotiations!

At this rate, baseball will be back in no time...or something.

Lesky’s Notes: Don’t even make eye contact

Players can’t work with coaches, which for the Royals is a double-edged sword.

Lesky’s Notes: The lockout has arrived

But the Royals made a move before it, so don’t say they’ve never given you anything.

Lesky’s Notes: There sure are a lot of pitchers signing

The free agent market has moved FAST...unless you’re not a pitcher.

Lesky’s Notes: A balanced AL Central is a winnable AL Central

A competitive division leaves room for a surprise to jump in.