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Royals Review Radio: The free agency begins episode with David Lesky

Who’s signing where?

Lesky’s Notes: The 40-man roster is actually down to 40

It took getting rid of one guy you wanted gone, one guy you forgot was there and one guy you never knew was, but they did it! Now, who else can go?

Lesky’s Notes: Go National League Team!

Another Astros/Yankees ALCS shows that sometimes chalk does win and it’s fun to root against chalk.

Lesky’s Notes: The news will come in slowly

We’re going to have to wait for the teams who won’t just stop playing to finish.

Lesky’s Notes: And now we wait

The clearing has begun. Who joins the organization now is the burning question.

Cleveland Guardians Series Preview: Fin

And just like that, the 2022 season is coming to a close. Good riddance.

Lesky’s Notes: One series left to go

Then it’s time for the real fun - cleaning house!

Royals Review Radio: The farewell Dayton Moore episode

And hello to J.J. Picollo and a new data-driven organization.

Detroit Tigers Series Preview: The battle for AL Central fourth place should be the talk of baseball

Come on, it’s not like any other big stories are out there.

Seattle Mariners Series Preview: Their drought is *almost* over

The clinch should come sometime next week for the team with the longest drought in North American sports.