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Minnesota Twins Series Preview: They’re in a fight they don’t want to be in

It looked like the AL Central was theirs until they stopped winning games.

Los Angeles Dodgers Series Preview: The best has arrived

The score the most, they allow the least. They’re a juggernaut.

Lesky’s Notes: Same song and dance or is this different?

The Royals are over .500 in their last 59 games. Is it enough to mean something?

Chicago White Sox Series Preview: Royals are changing their sox yet again

The penultimate series between these two teams in 2022 should be a doozy.

Lesky’s Notes: This is the team, for better or for worse

The deadline has come and gone and now it’s time for the Baby Royals to play.

Boston Red Sox Series Preview: The return of Hosmer comes early

The Red Sox are sort of in no-man’s land, which kind of makes them the perfect spot for a guy like Hosmer and now he’s coming back to KC a few weeks ahead of schedule.

Chicago White Sox Series Preview: The division favorites are in a battle

The White Sox are just two games out, but they were supposed to be running away and hiding by now.

Lesky’s Notes: The dominoes are starting to fall

The Royals have traded two of their pending free agents. Now we wait for the rest.

New York Yankees Series Preview: Only the best team in the AL, no biggie

The Evil Empire got evil again.

Los Angeles Angels Series Preview: They’re doing Tom Petty proud

Get it? Because they’re free fallin’.