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Lesky’s Notes: A balanced AL Central is a winnable AL Central

A competitive division leaves room for a surprise to jump in.

Lesky’s Notes: To tank or not to tank

How many teams are actually trying?

Top 50 MLB Free Agent Predictions

Because who doesn’t love throwing darts?

Lesky’s Notes: The rest of the teams exist again!

The offseason can know, if teams actually make moves before the potential lockout.

Lesky’s Notes: The CBA is going to muddy everything, isn’t it?

An offseason of uncertainty is going to make us wait to see how JJ approaches building a roster.

World Series Preview: Are the Astros verging on a dynasty?

A series win over the Braves will at least make it a question worth asking. A loss and most will probably just laugh.

Lesky’s Notes: Stacking the Royals up to other playoff teams

It may not be close, but if you squint, you can see how the Royals can get to where these teams are now.

Lesky’s Notes: Baseball-less days creep closer and closer

It might be awhile before things actually happen in the off-season, but when they do, the Royals have some logjams to clear.

Lesky’s Notes: The offseason has entered the chat

The Royals winter is here, but we all have to wait for the good teams to finish playing before much can happen.

Minnesota Twins Series Preview: That’s all, folks

One Royals win and they avoid last place. It’s the little things.