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Lesky’s Notes: Is action on the way?

They’ve won a couple, which is nice, but the problems still exist.

Baltimore Orioles Series Preview: They’re bad, but not as bad as they were...or as bad as the Royals 

The finish line for their rebuild isn’t exactly close, but it’s getting there.

Toronto Blue Jays Series Preview: They’ve rebuilt and come back since the Royals last winning season

Maybe it was more of a reset, but the Blue Jays have shown you can rebuild a lot quicker than what we’ve seen here.

Houston Astros Series Preview: They’re good...again

Their rebuild ended nearly a decade ago and they’re still going strong. Must be nice.

Lesky’s Notes: Never say it can’t get worse

Buddy Bell wasn’t a very good manager, but boy was he right about how low things can go.

Cleveland Guardians Series Preview: They can really score...except when they don’t

An inconsistent offense and an inconsistent pitching staff are a good formula for a team stuck in the middle.

Lesky’s Notes: It’s been an exhausting couple weeks

A fired coach (with one more needed), blown leads and lots of losses have made watching baseball tiring

Minnesota Twins Series Preview: The Royals keep coming back for more

After getting swept in Kansas City, the Royals will try to get some revenge on a Twins team that is just so much better than them.

Arizona Diamondbacks Series Preview: They’re a whole lot better than last year

A team that looked lost now looks...slightly less lost.

Minnesota Twins Series Preview: Their slow start turned around awfully fast

Now perched at the top of the AL Central, the Twins are looking to build their lead against a struggling Royals club.