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The Royals want fans to believe big things are coming. Why should you?

The Royals need some goodwill, but they let the cupboard go bare.

Should the Royals try asking AI for help?

AI is all the rage right now. Could the new technology help the Royals build a better team?

Top seven moments in the MCU (so far)

Listen, it’s the holidays, things are quiet, let’s talk about something non-baseball for a minute

The Royals’ early off-season moves are sending mixed signals

Will they be aggressive in improving the roster or content to coast to another 100 losses?

Championships cannot be acquired through free agency alone

The Mets did what every fanbase wishes their team would do and went on a massive spending spree. It didn’t pay off. What happened?

So your team says they have no money

Multiple teams are signaling an unwillingness to spend on free agency this off-season. Why?

2023 Season in Review: What is Dairon Blanco’s future?

The rookie is the wrong side of 30. Can he still be a part of the future?

Frank White is playing hardball with the Royals again, this time over the new stadium

Could the former second baseman be holding a grudge? Are his numbers frightening or fake? Does any of it matter?

ALCS Game 6 thread for Royals fans

Can Yordan Alvarez and Jose Altuve complete the comeback?

2023 season in review - Pitching Coaches

The Royals 2023 pitching successes are an indictment on everything the franchise did with pitching in recent years.