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MLB: The Show 2023 Negro Leagues Storylines review

Much ado was made about this new addition to annual sports simulator. Should you play it?

Royals walk off Nationals, 3-2

Edward Olivares helped spark a comeback and almost set fire to the stadium.

Game thread LIII - Nationals at Royals

Daniel Lynch is back!

Apple TV+’s Friday Night Baseball is a good thing, actually

Do not sleep on this!

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before...the Royals lose

They took an early lead on a home run but stopped scoring after that and gave up more runs, leading to a 5-2 loss.

Game thread XLVIII - Royals at White Sox

Things have not gone the way Royals fans have hoped

The Royals’ pitching situation is pathetic

Things are bad and they are bad in very similar ways to how they have been bad for a while.

Royals lose 9-6, are swept by Brewers

This is a team only a mother could love.

Game thread XLII - Royals at Brewers

The Brew Crew looks to become The Broom Crew on a Sunday afternoon

The Royals finally have an offense. What changed?

Did Jobu start listening to their prayers?