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Double double, toil and trouble Royals bewitch Guardians; win 7-1

The Royals played some spooky good October baseball

Game thread CLVIII - Royals at Guardians

It’s the final Saturday game of the year

A way-too-early look at the Royals’ 2023 roster - position players

What might the Royals look like, next year?

Royals Review Radio: The farewell Dayton Moore episode

And hello to J.J. Picollo and a new data-driven organization.

Cal Raleigh rallies Mariners past Royals, 6-5, in the ninth inning

The Mariners stranded runs all night until Raleigh took those strands and turned them into frozen ropes.

Game thread CLII - Mariners at Royals

Today could be a milestone win for the club

Dayton Moore is gone. Now what?

J.J. Picollo’s mentor will no longer be looking over his shoulder. But can he step out from Dayton Moore’s long shadow to become his own GM?

Royals rookies rock Red Sox repeatedly, win 9-0

The Red Sox do not look like a good team.

Game thread CXLVI - Royals at Red Sox

With two weeks left in the season, the Royals are still making questionable roster moves.

The Royals have cornered the market on lack of accountability

A recent article from The Athletic outlines a situation of very little hope for Kansas City’s near future.