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Can the Royals really turn this around by 2024?

J.J. Picollo did an interview with MLB this week, but the teams actions show he may be a bit optimistic.

The Royals are becoming villains

Maybe I’ve watched too many movies, but this feels familiar.

Ed (1996) - Does it hold up?

There might be a reason Matt LeBlanc’s movie career never took off.

Sports aren’t fair

Would they even be interesting if they were?

The thankless role of nearly being the best

Everyone wants to be one of the best, but what about when you’re almost the best?

2023 Royals Hall of Fame voting is open!

There are six candidates. How many will you vote for?

Royals Review Reviews Revisited - Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

Going more in-depth about Royals Review’s 2022 Movie of the Year!

Royals Review Radio: Ryan Yarbrough and Chili’s Fajitas

Don’t worry, the Royals front office is still operational.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - Does it hold up?

You got video games in my baseball movie!

Royals pitchers should be rejoicing

There’s a new pitching coach in town, but he won’t be alone.