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Keller can’t dodge Brooklyn bombs; Royals lose 13-3

Honestly, it was not a good night for any Royals pitcher.

Game thread CXV - Dodgers at Royals

The Royals’ facing-a-lefty lineup leaves a bit to be desired.

The rebuild is finally here!

The current roster construction represents a seismic shift in priorities for the organization

Nick Pratto caps off an explosive night with a walk-off; Royals win 5-4

On a night where Eric Hosmer was in the house but not on the field, Nick Pratto pulls off a clutch impersonation.

Gamethread CIX - Red Sox at Royals

Bobby Witt is back at shortstop.

A Hawk’s eye view of the Royals’ trade deadline

Flying up high it’s easy to see the process even above the results

Salvador Perez forces me to rewrite an entire recap; Royals win 8-6

It was a lot like my coffee; it’s bitter but eventually you fill it with a lot of sugar and move on.

Gamethread CII: Royals at Yankees

The Royals have one last shot to win a game against the Yankees

Yankees Judge Royals unworthy once more; KC loses 8-2

Death, taxes, and another Aaron Judge home run

Game thread CI - Royals at Yankees

Bobby Witt Jr. returns to the lineup