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William Jewell College graduate, Royals fan, musician, writer.

The Royals are in a tough spot this offseason

What to do?

What I did with the Royals in the 2022 SB Nation offseason simulation

Singer out. Gorman in.

Royals Review Radio: The Ryan O’Hearn Forever episode

We talk 40-man roster decisions and downtown baseball with Alex Duvall.

The Royals can take advantage of 40 man roster crunches

The Rays and others have a roster crunch. KC? Not so much.

So far, the Royals are doing everything right

It’s hard to come up with a better start to the offseason

Royals Review Radio: The Manager Matt Quatraro episode

We have a skipper!

The ghost runner rule is good

Let’s not overthink it

MJ Melendez could succeed in left field, but it would be a rare position change

Catchers don’t often play in the outfield

ALDS Game 5 and NLCS Game 1 Thread

An end, a beginning

Why the Royals should wait to extend Witt and company until next year

Extensions are good, but being careful is good, too