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William Jewell College graduate, Royals fan, musician, writer.


What have the Royals got to lose?

Is Nelson Velazquez a future core piece for the Royals?

Nelson is a power hitter through and through

Oh, to have the job security of a Royals front office executive

It’s a great gig, if you can get it

Royals complete comeback 6-4 win over Guardians

Loss 103? Not today!

Game 151 Thread: Guardians vs. Royals

Gotta catch ‘em all!

The Royals have relied less on veterans, but there is still room to improve

Why are these guys on the roster?

Royals crush White Sox 12-1

Great game!

Game 139 Thread: White Sox vs. Last Place Royals

What an embarrassment

Maikel Garcia is a monster in waiting

He’s got the power inside

After a season this bad, the front office still needs shaking up

No new talent in the front office is bad news