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Better Know a Commenter

Better Know a Commenter: Holy Moley!

Lifelong Royals fan and lawyer extraordinaire.

Better Know a Commenter: BlitzAce71

Sit down next to the fire with our journalism major turned tech support analyst.

Better Know a Commenter: aaj

Royals Review's resident web developer by way of Brazil, Uzbekistan, and Russia sits down for a chat.

Better Know a Commenter: MrAndersonmm

Get acquainted with our resident multi-instrumentalist IT Support Analyst.

Better Know a Commenter: pro_birdwatcher

Acquainting the community with the man behind the factually accurate username.

Better Know a Commenter: aHorseWithNoName

Getting acquainted with our resident Phoenician with an American handle.

Better Know a Commenter: W.Smith86

A lurker steps out from the shadows.

Better Know a Commenter: Sweep_the_Leg

Getting to know one of Daniel LaRusso's victims, who grew up to be a barrister.

Better Know a Commenter: royalcoffee

A chat with everyone's favorite coffee evangelist.

Better Know a Commenter: Gross(est)

An in-depth chat with our resident non-profit fundraiser.

Better Know a Commenter: 1040X

A sit-down with the tax man.

Better Know a Commenter: MightyMinx

Getting to know Royals Review commenter and Twitterer extraordinaire @mightieminx.

Better know a commenter: BeauJackson

RR's nomadic resident classically trained French chef.

Better Know a Commenter: Mike. Brown

He doesn't just spend countless hours compiling all of the free agent signings since Dayton Moore took the reins. He also was gracious enough to sit down and be the first guinea pig in the 2016 run of Better Know a Commenters.

Better know a commenter: philofthenorth

The most prolific commenter in Royals Review's history, hailing from the great state of Alaska, philofthenorth.

Better know a commenter: Gopherballs

The enigmatic "know-it-all" (his words) talks with us with a message on Light It Up Blue Autism Awareness Day.

Better know a commenter: MonoStereo66

Shooting the shi--stuff with the living, breathing, walking Shazam.

Featured Fanshot

MLB Tonight gives Royals predictions

Heed the wise words of Harold Reynolds.

Better know a commenter: RoyallyDisplaced

Where we touch base with our resident gene-loving leatherman.

Better know a commenter: Nighthawk at the Diner

50% Bukowski. 50% Waits. All man.

Better know a commenter: cmkeller

Everyone's favorite father of ten is the latest to step to the plate in this series.

Better know a commenter: Scott McKinney

The prolific Mr. McKinney stops in for the latest in the series.

Better know a commenter: RoyalCreole

All the way from Bulgaria, by way of remote Louisiana, we chat with RoyalCreole.

Better know a commenter: Farmhand

The latest installment has us speaking with Royals Review member since the initial Royals Authority/Royals Review merger, Farmhand.

Better know a commenter: mitchfreakingmaier!

One of the Royals Review faithful and an active participant since June of 2010, today's subject in the series shining a light on our dear readers is none other than mitchfreakingmaier!

Better know a commenter: averagegatsby

A member since December 9, 2008, we finally get to know averagegatsby.