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Downtown stadium

Jackson County Legislature approves putting stadium sales tax measure before voters in April

The voters will decide.

Why Frank White was right to veto the stadium sales tax extension

The Chiefs and Royals haven’t said where exactly the money would go

A timeline of what’s happened so far in the Royals new stadium push

It’s been a long and winding road

The Royals finally have a real plan for their downtown stadium

I can’t say I’m happy about it but I’m not entirely displeased, either.

Royals announce commitment to Jackson County if sales tax extension passes

No deal is finalized yet, but the teams made some concessions.

Kansas City councilman says Royals will soon listen to offers from other cities in the metro

The stadium talks do not appear to be going well.

Royals reportedly considering printing press site for downtown stadium

A third stadium site option is reportedly being considered.

The Royals will not have a stadium site selected this month

The Royals push back the location reveal.

How much have taxpayers subsidized recent baseball stadiums?

The Royals will be asking taxpayers for money soon.

Royals unveil renderings for two potential ballpark sites

The Royals also tout their economic benefit.

The value of a stadium entertainment district

Imitating the Braves is very valuable to the Royals owners

Owner John Sherman reveals new stadium info is coming within a month

News will be happening soon

North Kansas City mayor makes pitch to land the Royals

Could the Royals move north of the river?

First forum on Royals downtown stadium offers details, but questions remain

Where will it go? How will it be paid for?

Royals signal intent to move downtown with $2 billion stadium district

Now comes the hard part.

It sure seems like the Royals are getting ready to move downtown

Like it or not, the signs point to the Royals moving downtown.


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