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SBN Reacts: What do you look for in the draft?

High floor or high ceiling? Pitchers or hitters?

SBN Reacts: Confidence in Royals down with June slide

We also asked fans about father/son duos.

SBN Reacts: What teams are the biggest surprises and disappointments?

And how are Royals fans feeling about the team?

SBN Reacts: Who is the most exciting player in baseball right now?

It is not Jorge Soler.

SBN Reacts: Fans have had enough of the no-hitters

A majority of fans think too many no-hitters is bad for the game.

SBN Reacts: Royals fans have confidence in the pitching

And there could be more help on the way.

SBN Reacts: Fans disapprove of extra inning baserunner rule

They also don’t see much difference with the ball so far.

SBN Reacts: Royals fans give the off-season high marks

Dayton Moore passes the test with flying colors.

SBN Reacts: Nearly two-thirds of fans are ready to attend a baseball game

Take me out to the ball game!

SBN Reacts: Fans don’t want a shortened MLB season


SBN Reacts: Nashville top choice of fans among expansion cities

But fans are pretty split on whether baseball should expand

SBN Reacts: Fans are wary of expanded playoffs

Owners want more post-season teams, but fans aren’t so sure.

SBN Reacts: Fans are ready for a universal DH


SBN Reacts: Fans predict where top free agents will land


SBN Reacts: Fans split on whether spring training will begin on time

A slight majority think it will begin on time, but fewer think fans should attend.

SBN Reacts: Fans want punishment for Justin Turner

They also give their grade on the World Series.

SBN Reacts: Fans are rooting for the Rays to win the World Series

Fans also predict the Rays to win it in six.

SBN Reacts: Fans chime in on who will win LDS rounds

Plus, what was the most surprising first round outcome?

SBN Reacts: Fans loved the full slate of expanded playoff games, but just this once

Fans chime on who is the favorite, and who is most likely to be bounced.

SBN Reacts: Royals fans show confidence in the direction of the club

But no one thinks they are a contender this year!

SBN Reacts: Fans think the Twins will win the division


SBN Reacts: Fans choose MLB’s best legacy player

Some families are baseball legacies.

SBN Reacts: Fans don’t approve of MLB’s new extra-inning rules

Even those that approve don’t want to see it extended beyond this year.

The 2020 predictions thread

Maybe we’ll be more accurate with a 60-game season?

SBN Reacts respondents okay with players opting out this season

And most of you would do the same.

SBN Reacts: Fans skeptical the shortened season will be completed

Can we squeeze in 60 games?

SBN Reacts: Fans still cautiously optimistic baseball will return in July

But owners and players better come to an ageement soon.

SBN Reacts: Fans disapprove of Commissioner Rob Manfred

Good thing Manfred is not up for re-election.

Fans think this year’s changes will impact the draft class

FanPulse respondants have mixed feelings about MLB’s proposed plan for playing this year

Fans chimed in on some of the potential changes to this season.