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FanPulse respondents approve potential neutral site baseball games

Fanpulse: How many games are needed to have a meaningful baseball season?

At what point will baseball just have to punt on a season? We asked the fans.

FanPulse respondents say Astros punishment not harsh enough

But fans are split on whether the title should be vacated.

Just 12 percent of Royals fans think the club can contend for a title next year

Wow, critical spirits.

FanPulse results show fan confidence in the future of the Royals rose after sale of team announced

Fans are excited about the future of this franchise.

FanPulse results show Royals fans optimistic about the direction of the team despite losses

Plus Ned Yost ends on a high note with fans.

FanPulse respondents think Twins, Cardinals will win their respective divisions

Not the Royals?

Fan confidence in the future of the Royals spikes following announcement of sale

Latest FanPulse results reflect confidence in new owner John Sherman.

FanPulse respondents believe MLB is intentionally juicing the ball

How far does this conspiracy go?

Fans split on how Royals fared at the trade deadline in latest Fanpulse results

Royals fan confidence in the direction of the club spikes after hot streak

Our latest FanPulse results show more confidence in the Royals.

FanPulse: Royals fans most optimistic about Brady Singer among pitching prospects

Which pitcher do you believe in?

Fanpulse results show Royals fans remain confident in direction of the club

But on Twitter, fans werent’ thrilled with the first half.

If MLB expands, which city should be next?

Should baseball go to 32 teams?

Ned Yost’s approval ratings among the lowest in the league, according to Fanpulse results

Could Ned be on a hot seat?

Royals fans overwhelmingly approve of selection of Bobby Witt, Jr. in FanPulse results

Royals fans are ready to win with Witt.

Fan confidence in Royals’ direction remains steady despite losses

Fans are looking toward the future.

Royals fans split on whether the Royals will make a good draft pick next month

The Royals will have the #2 pick this June.

FanPulse respondents still have confidence in the direction of the team

The losses mount, so will that confidence waiver?

FanPulse results show fans believe Rays most likely to keep up hot start

Are the Rays for real?

Majority of Royals fans believe team will lose at least 100 games, according to Fanpulse results

Trust the process?

Ned Yost’s approval rating drops among Royals fans

Boom, Yosted.

Fans have more confidence in Royals after losing streak snapped

Plus fans chime in on long-term deals for players.

Losing streak has confidence waning among Royals fans, according to Fanpulse results

Fans also chime in on who should be the Royals’ closer.

70 percent of Royals fans are confident in the direction of the team

SB Nation’s FanPulse shows fans are cautiously optimistic.

SB Nation FanPulse: Ned Yost enjoys big support from Royals fans

Boom, Yosted.


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