Why can't Brian Bannister Pitch Decent in the 6th Inning


I take requests for pitcher analysis at Driveline Mechanics and looked at Brian Bannister this week. I didn't find much and figured batters had figured out his "finesseness" by then.

Our Double-A All-Stars


Here's a link to our all-stars from Double-A Northwest Arkansas. Go Naturals.

Oh, it's possible the Royals could do something bigger than this. Mark Teahen? David DeJesus? Jose...

Oh, it's possible the Royals could do something bigger than this. Mark Teahen? David DeJesus? Jose Guillen, if anybody would take him? You'll no doubt hear their names in the next month. But "they're in a hard position," said an official of one club, "because they're kind of going for it. They're over the rebuilding thing, at least in rhetoric. So I don't know how much they want to take a step back." But Mahay is one guy who might be exportable. He'll turn 38 this week. He can be a free agent this winter. And he "is on this damn list every year, it seems like," said one exec. The Royals balked at moving him last July, when they had him signed for another year. But unless they charge back into the thick of the race, this year should be a different story. And that 1.137 OPS by right-handed hitters against him is more excellent incentive to deal him. Jayson Stark: 'Most likely to get traded' nominees

Watching Greinke get roughed up a little bit by the D'backs, and thinking he could be even better...


Watching Greinke get roughed up a little bit by the D'backs, and thinking he could be even better if being better was No. 1 on his list.

Rob Neyer on Twitter

Hillman going to the ASG!


In the American League, Maddon selected Kansas City Royals manager Trey Hillman and Seattle Mariners skipper Don Wakamatsu to join him on the bench for the game.

More draft signings

Mathiew White (#6 pick, righthanded pitcher, University of New Mexico); George Baumann (#7, lefthanded pitcher, Missouri State University); Benjamin Theriot (#9, catcher, Texas State University); Brendan Lafferty (#18, lefthanded pitcher, UCLA); Ryan Stovall (#19, third baseman, Thomas University, GA); Marvin Cooper (#21, centerfielder, Belhaven College, MS); Ryan Dennick (#22, lefthanded pitcher, Tennessee Tech University); Scott Kelley (#23, righthanded pitcher, Penn State University); Gabriel MacDougall (#27, left fielder, Lynn University, FL) and Claudio Bavera (#33, Cochise College, AZ) I predict Theriot...I predict Theriot....

Aaron Crow - Future Tommy John candidate?


I don't know if this has been brought up yet, nor can I attest to the validity of O'Leary's claims, but I came across this just now and thought I'd pass it along.

Too bad for the Cardinals that Fox wanted to include the Cardinals-Royals game Saturday in their...


Too bad for the Cardinals that Fox wanted to include the Cardinals-Royals game Saturday in their television package. That meant switching the Saturday night start at Kauffman Stadium to a Saturday afternoon first pitch to accommodate television cameras. Saturday also happens to be the next scheduled start for the Royals’ Brian Bannister, who reason throws much better in day games than night games. (..) Bannister is 3-0 with a 0.90 ERA in three day games this year, allowing two earned runs in 20 innings in beating the Cards in St. Louis and the Mariners and Reds at Kansas City.

Oh my God, the Redbirds are toast!

Royals fifth dumbest team in the league


Braves are number one. Dumb guys are the new market inefficiency! Assuming of course, there is a correlation between ballplayers that went to college and intelligence. Which of course, you could counter by arguing that choosing to pass up thousands of dollars out of high school to play for free in college is rather stupid. C'mon Wall Street Journal, adhere to your free market principles!

Picollo on with Petro


Picollo on with Petro. Asked about the Hendricks brothers negotiations. Picollo says they have not negotiated with them before. Asked about Crow signing before the 17th. Picollo said this may take some time. We'd love to get Aaron out right away. Whether or not that happens will be dictated in the next few weeks. Timetable for Crow to get to the bigs? Picollo says he's advanced, aggressive, knowledgeable, and has 3 very good pitches. Talked about Luke's path. Time will tell if he's on the same track. Has to prove that he can get high level minor league guys out before moving to the bigs. Crow profiles as a 1 or 2. Very confident with the ability to get to a 2 at the least. Money issue. We'll deal with it as we get through it. Petro asked about how negotiations start? It is a factor what players say. This is what it'll take to get me. Tougher to judge high school players because their expectations are so high. Wil Myers. Petro says reports are $2 million not to go to South Carolina and sign. Asked if college baseball has gotten that much better or have the agents began using it more as a tool? Picollo said it's both. Kids want to get to the next level. Facilities are very nice now at colleges. College is usually the first step in the process to get to the pros. That's why parents look their first. Then they start evaluating what it takes to sign them away to go pro. Picollo said the Royals were prepared to draft players whose talent is better than the round. They believe that Wil wants to play pro baseball but understand that he'll be ok at college. Were very excited to get him. Valued him as a first round talent. Petro talked about not having to give mega-money to first rounders because we finished decent last year. That saves for the rest of the draft. Picollo agrees that is accurate. The more talent we can acquire through the draft helps our organization overall. They expect these guys to get to the bigs but even if they don't, they improve the organization. Implied that more scouts are/will be watching the Royals minor league players. Do you feel confident you will get Wil Myers signed? Picollo says we are confident we will get him signed. Getting a feel for where the family wants to go. Feel that Wil really wants to play pro baseball. Gut feel after talking with scouts and family. Feel that he is a real baseball player. Physical attributes lead you to believe that he can catch. Big physical kid. Great athlete. Bat attracted the Royals to him. As of right now, we drafted him as a catcher and we'll pursue that to see where it takes us. Agent is Jeff Barry. Petro asked if they had drafted any Boras clients. No Boras clients. Not by design. Just coincidence. His players didn't match up where we selected and with who was available. We won't shy away from an agent. We want the best available. That's what we scout for. This is what they believe in. Chris Dwyer. Draft eligible freshman. Petro says he probably needs a little time in the minors to refine his tools. Picollo says they scouted Dwyer last year. Talked about drafting him last year but didn't. Had a chance but the dollar figure Dwyer gave didn't match up with where the Royals wanted to go last year. This year, solid year at Clemson, not a great year as a freshman. Dwyer cleaned up his delivery. Very good arm action. Above average fastball. Curve. Change. These two off speed pitches separate him from other left handers. Great makeup. Good competitor. Talked about how he was a HS QB. Has work to do to get better. But Dwyer feels he's making adjustments. Not a fast mover through the minors but an advanced college pitcher. Minors will take care of the rest of the refining. Petro talked about Dwyers ERA being high but talked about the overall stuff. This is why scouts and development guys earn money. Picollo said you hit the nail on the head. Absolutely the guy the staff can't wait to get their hands on. Watched tape Sunday night. One of the pitching coaches asked why he was available in the fourth round. Piece of clay that needs molding but can be top end of a rotation. Rounds 5-8. Petro sees "regular" money going to these picks. Said if you can get two of these guys to the bigs as relievers you had a heck of a run. If one gets into the rotation it's a sensational draft. Am I wrong? Picollo. Exactly right. The strength of the draft was college pitching. Lots of relievers. From Royals board anyway. We knew we'd get at least two of the 8 guys we targeted here and ended up getting 4. Last two years we had a lot of HS pitchers drafted and tehy are all starters getting to the Low A/High A level. If you can take college guys who have experience and put them behind the young guys, they'll protect and advance the younger guys. Thinks they'll be 4 for 4 (hopefully) in getting these guys to the MLB. Did you watch the LSU Arkansas game? Picollo was at the airport but saw the first three innings. Watched our guys real close. Which draft was better: 2009 draft of 2010 draft? Picollo says 09 because that's what he knows right now. Bigger upside: Crow or Hochaver? Aaron Crow after some thought. In favor of a world draft? Picollo says no. I like the system the way it is. Personally wish they didn't have to draft people. Just sign the kids you scout. It would be more pure than the system we have now. In favor of slotting picks dollar amounts? Picollo said yes and no. I see both sides. The system now let's you get more talent. If I had to say yes or no, I'd say yes.