Can an athlete be streaky -- this study thinks so


"Strikingly, we find recent performance is highly significant in predicting performance in all ten statistical categories that we examine. In all cases, being "hot" in a statistic makes one more likely to perform well in the same statistic. A recent history on the order of about 25 at bats, which equals about 5 games or close to one week for the average hitter, has the most predictive power over the next at bat. Furthermore these effects are of a significant magnitude: for instance, a 30 percent increase in the number of times that a batter has gotten on base in the last 25 at bats predicts a 5% increase in the likelihood of getting on base in the next at bat, after controlling for all other explanatory variables."

Alex Gordon celebrates turning 30 with Jeremy Guthrie & Justin Timberlake


From the TMZ branch of Royals Review.

What kind of prospects were today's MLB stars?


A nice post over at letsgotribe looking at the prospect rankings of the top MLB players. "Not every top prospect becomes a star, but most stars were once top prospects."

Royals ranked 18th according to ESPN


Well on the positive side, apparently we only need to get 31 more runs and allow the exact same amount to get to 90 wins. Go Dayton!

Royals new billboard


The Royals new billboard shows a sliding Alex Gordon.

Say hello to your 4th Starter


"I think we're going into (spring training) with Bruce having one of the five spots, I'm going into it with the mindset that you can't evaluate Bruce in spring training. He's not one of those kind of guys that can go in and compete because he's not a spring training pitcher. But once the bell rings, he's been phenomenal for us. He's been as consistent as anyone can be. You know what you're getting with Bruce. You're going to get six or seven really solid innings and he's going to keep you in the game. Unless something really dramatically happens between now and then, Bruce will probably have one of those five spots."

Ned Yost as quoted by Jeffrey Flanagan.

For reference, the Ned quote when Mendoza beat out Chen for the 5th spot from the 3/26/2013 KC Star:

"Mendy had a better spring, He’s a better guy right now. The reason for that is Bruce, like most veteran players, has been a little slow to get it going in spring training. Starting the season, we wanted to put the guys out there who were doing the best in spring training. I’m not saying that won’t change somewhere down the road because the more we get deeper into it, who knows what is going to happen? But that’s where we’re starting"

You can't evaluate Bruce in Spring Training except when you can.

Jamie Moyer has a Steamer projection


1 IP, 4.10 ERA. New market inefficiency is 50 year old players.

Royals - Up and At Them!


From the Simpsons episode "Married to the Blob," a familiar-looking baseball team shares a comic book with Radioactive Man in the background of the Android's Dungeon comic shop.

Baseball Prospectus 2014 Top 101 Prospects List


12. Ventura 29. Mondesi 34. Zimmer 46. Almonte 78. Manaea 96. Dozier 99. Bonifacio

Santana's value


If this is true, and the Royals AREN'T in on it, then they're stupid.