Dubya's Top MILB Performers (8/28/19)


Lexington sweeps a DH behind two excellent starts.

Dubya's Top MILB Performers (8/27/19)


Top guys tonight

Trevor Bauer chucks the ball over the wall upon manager visit


Well that's one way to try to get out of getting pulled from the game.

Ned Yost nerds out about the moon landing


I actually find it very cool that Ned knows so much about this.

Watch the Bobby Witt, Jr. press conference


Welcome to the Royals, Bobby Witt, Jr.!

Kole Calhoun jokingly tells Martin Maldonado, "don't ever touch my bat"


Don't worry though, it was all in fun. The two were teammates last year and you can see a smile on Calhoun at the end.

The Sandlot: The Hos Edition


Back before he was stealing home plate in the World Series, and stealing hearts all across KC. Our beloved former Royal/hero Eric Hosmer was this plucky little youngster. We miss you Hos! Photo credit: my co-workers childhood school yearbook

Watch Whit Merrifield on Trevor Bauer's show "Bauer Bytes"


Whit and Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer talk about facing each other in the 2010 College World Series.

Relish falls, allows Mustard to catch up in hot dog race


Relish was hot dogging it.