Bugs, mold on menu at K.C. stadiums

"Among the concerns found at the stadiums by the manager: cockroaches in vending areas, mouse feces on the same tray as pizza dough, sinks where employees were supposed to wash their hands being blocked by boxes or trash, employees eating in food prep areas and trays of food headed for customers that measured at unsafe temperatures."

Sal Perez meets with U.S. Airmen at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo


Very cool trip for Sal.

Alex Gordon will flip the switch at the Plaza Lighting Ceremony


Its Alex Gordon's world, we're just living it.

Alex Gordon wins the Fred Hutchinson Award


Given to the MLB player recognized for his charitable work. Way to go Alex.

Royals fans nominated for SI "Sportsman of the Year"?


Hi. I'm a potential SI "Sportsman of the Year."

Blueprints of Kauffman Stadium available for sale


Supposedly there's a weakness where if you hit it just right, the whole stadium explodes.

Salvy, Guthrie, Esky, Kratz to play in Japan Series


Erik Kratz, MLB All-Star

Madison Bumgarner nearly cried at Royals fans boos


Darn you Madison, why must your charisma make it so hard to hate you?

Sung Woo Lee describes watching the Royals in the World Series


Sure glad we didn't bring him over in like 2007 to see Ross Gload and Joey Gathright.