Let's give thanks to The Onion for calling it like it is


Someday maybe we'll be lucky enough to be made fun of for never-ending success.

Madison Bumgarner: BOOM, YOSTED!


Dangit, Ned! I don't even believe in jinxes but good lord.

Watch the Royals Season Celebration LIVE


I wish I was there so, so bad. At least we can watch it!

This is why Royals fans are the best


Just an outstanding crowd at 11 AM to come out and celebrate the season. Beautiful.

After making it out of the wild card game, it was all gravy.


Down three runs against John Lester in the eighth inning of the Wild Card game. Every game--fourteen games total--after that, was gravy. And until the final pitch of the seventh game of the World Series, we had a reasonable change of eating pumpkin pie topped with some glorious whupped cream. Losing sucks, but hey, it was the best ride in nearly three decades. And remember what King also told Chris: "Just keep your pecker hard and your powder dry, and the world will turn."

Ned Yost, class act even to the last


We all have a ton of valid criticisms of Yost's decision making -- but give him this. He's a class act, utterly professional, and stands by his team. Just wish he wouldn't blame fans so often.

That last at bat from Salvador Perez wasn't very good.


But seriously, thank you Shaun for this tweet. This is what snapped me back to my senses and made me smile.

Billy Butler audibly frustrated by Madison Bumgarner


Technically that's the same sound I make every time Joe Buck brings him up, which has been constant the entire game.

Worst call of the World Series so far?


Remind me again why strike zones shouldn't be automated.